Hi Hi Y’all. I hope you are enjoying your time on my site. It’s a continuous work in progress just like its creator. In case you are wondering here’s a little about me.

 A Bit About

I am an Aries baby, a 96 ‘er, a supposed ‘Indigo’ child, a ‘ghost see-er’, an introvert, tech’s natural enemy and a perfect example of some of the main stereotypes of what they say about my generation.

My favorite color is purple, animals are always better than people, no movie will ever trump The Lion King, I’m Canadian and American, Sunflowers and Nightshade are the best, Paradise Lost is genius and should be canonical, Saint Patrick’s Day is definitely up there with Halloween, Kyle Rayner Green Lantern will forever be my favorite comic hero and I’m a proud member of the Bi Club.

Are you interested in the more professional side of me?

I am a writer. A new self publisher who wants to see if the dream world I live in is something that is more then just for me. I love Fiction- especially, that nerdy fantasy : High Fantasy, Dark Fantasy : You Might Have No Social Life Fantasy.

In order to do something right, I started my own publishing company, Knights Publications. It has recently started up and provides the necessary and helpful services for self publishing writer’s like me. [ Yes, I am a wee bit pretentious. ]

I am a streamer. I started a streaming channel on Twitch, Knights Watch. It’s an even more work in process. However, I am a pretty clumsy and fun to watch video game player. You have all the permission in the world to make fun of me as I play unimportant parts of WOW (EPIC PEEEET BATTLES), suck at Smite, play Magic awfully, possibly play Hearthstone again and FIND A WAY TO ADD AN AMAZING GAME OF D&D ON THERE!

I am also a podcaster. It’s the other work in progress. It’s a little better than my streams though. It covers everything a nerdy individual or nerd culture skimmer could enjoy. If you want to involve yourself with one of my works in progress I highly suggest this one: The Crows Nest Co.

In short, if you really want to know. I am a sarcastic Floridian who finds the world nowhere near as great as my *sshole of a cat.

P.S. My Currently Published

Chronicles – A Tale of Shadow & Light

Confessions of a Teenage Poet


Who You Are – Jessie J

Forever a Southern Nomad in search of a great cat photo~



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