All Souls Character Profiles :

Asnat Ohiyon

The Matriarch of the family was turned at the age of 157 in 1327 B.C.E. Memphis, Egypt. She is both Egyptian and a Cannanite. Her mother was a Priestess of Hathor and her father was a wondering Canannite. He was suspected to be born somewhere in the 2000s B.C.E. There is a lot to be said about her but what she is currently known for is her control over the Entire Nile River regions. As one of the oldest living vampires left she has a massive amounts of history and speculation surrounding her. Many of which involves her skill in combat and unusual love for the entire supernatural community. Everyone seems to wonder who would be the mate of such a ‘unique’ individual. Asnat is also one of the five original Tribal Leaders of the Council and the first foreign influence in the Americas.

The Children

Lander: Born in 490 b.c.e, he is not only a child of Sparta but a child so loved by the war gods the Greeks compared him to a child of the God of War himself. Lander was considered a perfect Spartan specimen and managed to live to the age 31. During his time as a soldier he rose through the ranks and commanded his own units. This has made him not only an expert in singular warfare but in military war fare as well. Lander is an imposing and muscular 6’3. His skin is dark from the sun and his eyes and hair are dark brown. He is noted to smell like the olives and the seas of his home. He owns the largest security firm in the world, Black Hound. They specialize in everything to elite bodyguard training to hired militia. Similar to his mother, he insists on training all his elites in both modern warfare and ancient ones. Lander himself is a master of the spear and shield of his original time. He is considered the physically strongest and most adept fighter of the family. Lander’s loyalty and devotion to his family somehow seems to even out match the extreme fanaticism many of his other family members have. However, he has an extremely soft side for his sister and mate Mehtep. He also has the most children as he is the most naturally inclined to family values.

Mehtep: Only born a few years after her brother and mate, Lander, Mehtep was turned in 493 b.c.e. Mehtep was originally a slave women of a wealthy Persian military family. However, by showing her usefulness and natural martial skills she not only earned her freedom but became one of the few female advisors and fighters within the Persian militias. She had accompanied her former owners to a battle against Sparta when she managed to take out three of Lander’s men who had come to ambush the back line. It was love at first sight for Lander who forced her out of the battle field towards his observing mother. An impressed Asnat willingly turned Mehtep so her son would not be her maker and her mate. She relies on her wits in most tactical situations but should not be left underestimated when it comes to a dagger in her hand. She is known to be deadly with any form of short sword and knife. Mehtep is 5’11 and tan. She has large brown eyes and thick brown hair. She is noted to smell like lime, saffron and roses. A symbol of the station in life she had managed to climb up to before her death at 29. Currently, she teaches Farsi at Universities. Similar to Lander she is extremely fanatical with her loyalty towards her mother and their family. Mehtep is not naturally a motherly figure and did not originally want children. However, she does have one child.

Hervör: Turned at the age of 33 in 1000 A.D. Iceland, she is the only child who first asked Asnat to be turned. Hervör was from a raider family and had grown up raiding her way to Iceland. Her parents died on a voyage to Greenland. The community in Iceland at the time did not have such secrets between species and many were aware of those they were with. Asnat was a recent foreign funder for their exploration into Greenland and what lay beyond. Hervör finding her curious spent much time with her getting to know her and everything she hadn’t known about the world. Before deciding to set sail for Greenland she asked Asnat to turn her. Asnat finding the girl brave and having spent time with her agreed. She is 6’1 making her tall for a women. However, despite that she has many feminine features. According to her siblings, she smells like the pacific ocean. Hervör is perhaps the most talented sailor and explorer of her siblings. Her use with an axe and round shield makes her incredibly difficult to kill. Growing up in the raiding and naval exploration era of the Norsemen she enjoyed participating in many of the battles on the North American continent. Hervör currently owns various businesses in Canada, Greenland, Iceland and the Netherlands. Many of them focus on naval industries and energy industries. She is a very single-minded and hardworking person and such is not the warmest one in the family. However, her choice in a soft and warm mate shows her desire to be around those unlike her. She has no children herself and out of her mother’s children she is perhaps the only one who does not have a fanatical level of loyalty. Fun fact she arrived in the Americas before her mother ever did.

Helka: Only 17 at the time, Helka was turned during the Mongols raid into China in 1226. Her older sister and her were both captured by the Xin dynasty when they were young. Her older sister used her beauty to marry up into the prospering families of the soon to be Jin dynasty- joining as a concubine of a noble. However, Helka was strong-willed since she was a child and often was bruised and damaged in fighting against the orders given to her. Eventually, abandoned by her older sister she was sent to please the women of the Chinese army facing the Mongolian raiders. However, Helka was a natural born horse rider and archer. Her archery skills are so good she is the best in the family. After a few nights of tending their horses, Helka escaped on horseback after firing flaming arrows into the officers tents. In the state of confusion it was difficult for them to follow. However, she encountered Mongol warriors during her escape who confused her for a regular Chinese women. Caught off guard the young girl was saved by Asnat, Lander and Mehtep- who were inspecting the safety and security of trade channels in the Asian continent. Her two older siblings admired her archery skills and her soon to be mother offered to give her a new life. One where her services as an archer would eventually be required. Helka is only 5’4 and on appearance is small and dainty. She is known to smell like Juniper and horses (in the good way). Currently, she runs a large agricultural business in Mongolia.

Akechi Mitsuhide: The only famous historical figure of the children, Mitsuhide is a prideful and arrogant man. Turned at 47 in 1577 during the end of the Sengoku period. Asnat never told anyone explicitly why she decided to turn him. However, sometime during her first time in the island of Japan she had observed him and his crafty character. Considering his ambitious and disloyal nature many of his family members do not like him as an individual but do nothing as he is a member of their family. Mitsuhide is openly teased about the fact that even as a vampire due to his schemes failing and new politics he had to fake his death in 1582 and temporarily leave Japan. As a warrior he is not as talented as the rest of his family. Despite, him having a samurai upbringing. Instead, many fear his vicious mind. There is no better schemer and manipulative master in their family than Mitsuhide. Currently, he owns a large Japanese business conglomerate that has its hands in China, Hong Kong, Macao, Dubai, Korea and Taiwan. Besides his mother, Mitsuhide is also the wealthiest in the family. He is also has the second most children in the family.

Tashuka Other-Eyes Ohiyon: He was turned in 1583 around the age of 42. While knowing of the existences of the other species Tashuka was not someone who ever wished to be changed. Instead, he always wished for a simple mortal life. However, his fate changed when Asnat was returning to the American continent after aiding Mitsuhide leave Japan. A witch with her was injured and needed a healer. Despite their foreign appearance, Tashuka took them to a healer and saved the witch’s life. While they were at the village, He was wounded on a hunt. Seeing infection set in before the healer or the witch had recovered their strength he was set to die. Tashuka was turned in his sleep by an insistent Asnat that he could not die. His fate was to die later. Originally upset with his maker, Tashuka wondered around the western side of the Americas. He is 5’11 and lean. According to Asnat he smells like the forest and its herbs. By nature he is a calming and kind presence. However, he is an expert tracker and hunter. Tashuka is also by nature an expert survivalist. After some years he met with his mother again and the two resolved their issues. Considering the level of loyalty to his mother many wonder how much of his future fate he knows about. Tashuka holds many degrees in biological and environmental sciences. As well as degrees in history and archaeology. He has a home among the Lakota tribe as it was home but spends most of his days traveling and aiding in passion projects in the Americas. Currently, he is working as an archaeologist and historian in Peru. Tashuka has only one child as he never intended to make another vampire.

Cadmar: Turned in 1622 at the age of 22, he is from some of the earliest slave groups of Alabama and Georgia. Originally, he was a slave on the wealthy Cotton Family’s plantation. However, after nearly being killed for trying to save other slaves he was sentenced to be tortured to death by his owners. At the time, Asnat and her family were spreading their influence and control over the America’s and so she was pretending to be a rich heiress from Europe. After hearing the story of his crimes and witnessing their verdict Asnat decided the Cotton Family needed to be eradicated sooner than later. Because of this, Cadmar has extreme loyalty to his mother but unlike the others not as much to his family. He is 6’2 and muscular but is known for always appearing well dressed. Cadmar smells like the indigo, cotton and tabaco he grew up around. He is also an extremely adept gunsman. Cadmar is heavily involved in civil rights and economic development of African Americans. He owns an investment firm that solely builds capital to share and help minorities’ business and lives. Cadmar also bought the Cotton House and changed it. It is now the largest home the family owns in the United States and is a large plantation that seeks to help aid the local community of non-human species. He is the family’s public representation of their power and influence in the North America’s and as such has a large social life.

Aleksander: The youngest child of Asnat, he was turned at 20 in 1943 during World War II. He was found during the liberation of a concentration camp. Aleksander is 5’12 and by one glance tell he is Jewish. He smells like old pages, candle light and German coffee. Aleksander’s life was miserable. His sister and him spent almost their entire lives in the concentration camps. Many Nazi soldiers played around with younger Jewish women. His sister and him surviving the early purges of children were noticed by a commanding officer. Aleksander’s sister was forced to work in the house and to be a play thing for the officer. On his sister’s insistence he took the position of Jewish aid to the Nzai staff in the concentration camp, outcasting him from his fellow Jews. When his sister’s baby was drowned in a tub by the Nazi officer and she was killed Aleksander was going to kill himself but the camp was liberated before he had the chance. During his second attempt he was caught by Asnat who searching the camps for a person. Aleksander is by far the kindest and most compassionate of the children. He never seeks violence and will endure anything for his family and loved ones. Even being trained with modern weapons and despite his talents in them he has never used them in battle or war. Instead, he is like the family conscious and moral compass. Aleksander’s family owned tailor shops and so he works as a tailor in one of the stores he owns. Of the children, he is the poorest and gives much of his money away to charity.

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