Helka’s Lineage:

Adrik Kuznetsov-Ohiyon : He was turned in 1689 at the age of 37. Adrik was a Cossack military man during the Peter The Great Era of the Romanov dynasty. He joined the military in order to support his poverty stricken family as members of the ethnic minorities. He remains pro-royalty to this day.

Eliska Kuznetsov-Ohiyon: She was made in 1837 in Prague, Czechoslovakia at the age of 27. Eliska was a pick pocket and escort that caught her maker’s attention when he found out she was supporting her grandmother and 5 younger siblings.

Natia Lebedev

She was turned in 1915 during the Bolshevik Revolution at the age of 34. Her family were poor and starving. Both of her elder brothers had joined the revolution and one of her younger brothers were killed by the pro-royalty faction. During the beginning of the Soviet Union she was a staunch believer of the regime; however, over the years she has frown disillisioned with any Russian form of governance. Instead, she focuses on her love for Russian cultural identity. Natia is heavily involved in Russian arts. While, also having several doctorates related to medicine. Her mate has taught her how to fight.

Christoff Kaalinpää: He was turned in 1995, Finland at the age of 33. Christoff still lives in Finland.

Lena Ohiyon: Made in 1363 Tajikstan at the age of 26. She was a starving orphan found by her maker. Lena is extremely quiet and seemingly docile; however, she is extremely resourceful and strong. Further, like her siblings she has been trained as an archer and cavalry rider.

George Ohiyon: He was made in Jordan in 1704 at the age of 23. He is Christian.

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