Hervör’s Lineage :


He was made in 300 in the Siberian Yupik lands of Western Canada. Nanouk is known for his cheerful and warm demeanor; as well as his large bear like body size and strength. His parents bred reindeers but he mostly aided with hunting. Nanouk mostly enjoys traveling around Canada and investing back into Tribal Lands.

Lute: He was turned in 900 during his maker’s first trip abroad in Norway. Lute was a 23 year old Norse farmer at the time who had dreams of going raiding with his older cousins. He currently owns a shipping company that travels between Norway, Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland.

Chang Ming

She was made at the young age of 21 in 1403 Ming China. Chang Ming loves all forms of pottery and hand made arts. In fact, it keeps her busy traveling and verifying artifacts. She owns a large museum in China that showcases different pottery and porcelain works.

Li Xiu Ying – He was turned in 1947 during the communist revolution at the age of 27. The Li family were semi-well known artists and had incurred disfavor for their stock of traditional Chinese cultural works they refused to give up. His family was killed by young rural idealists and was barely saved in time by his maker. Xiu Ying has done his best to recover his surviving family works and currently lives in Taiwan.

Nootaikok: Made in 1883 at the age of 27. Unlike his father, he was from the East Coast of Canada and was a child of a family that worked in the whaling business. Nootaikok still lives in his original family lands in Quebec, Canada.

Astrid Hervördottir

She was made in 1503 Sweden at the age of 26 and is Hervör’s only child. Similar to her mother, Astrid found out about the supernatural community and directly asked to be turned. She is a stubborn and persuasive fighter by nature and is well known amongst the family for it. However, like her mother she prefers staying out of family conflicts and enjoys the benefits of her new lifestyle. Currently, she travels frequently between Sweden and Peru. Astrid prefers a free life built on her financial skills with investments and stocks.

Travis Dunaid: He was turned in 1714 during the reign of the last Scottish monarch, Queen Anne. At the time he was 32 years of age. He was a supporter of the unification of Scotland and England but regrets the lack of recognition and power of the Scottish royalty. He currently teaches Gaelic and owns a large farm.

Eva Rebane: The female of the twins found by her maker and her mate, she was made in 1916 during rising tensions for Estonian independence from Russia. She was 19 at the time and a victim of violence between the political factions. Eva still lives in Estonia and is living in Tallinn with her brother. She loves the sea and lives in a large house with a great view. Similar to her mother, she is a bit of a free spirit and mainly lives off her investments.


Made by a wondering vampire in 1307, Peruvian lands at the age of 24. He was an Incan warrior at the time. Inti is a carefree and bright individual. However, since his grandfather was one of the 13 Incas he did do his best to appear serious when needed. Inti owns many farms within Peru and funds agricultural research; However, his true passion lies in architecture. He enjoys traveling the world for his architectural business.

Xavier Rebane: He was the male found by his maker and his mate. Xavier’s sister and him were turned in 1916 Estonia due to rising issues between political factions. He was 19 at the time. Xavier lives in Tallinn with his sister and owns a large hedge fund company. He is much more of an aggressive businessman than any members of his family line. However, he has developed a huge love of travel and Peruvian food from his maker. Xavier visits South America often.

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