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Rina – Rina is the only daughter of a lower class Fire Nation nobility. She is fifteen years old and the current Avatar. However, due to her parents raising her on the ideas that the world no longer needs, or wants the Avatar she whole heartedly does not wish to do what an Avatar does. Rina rejecting the fate everyone expects of her. From a young age, she was considered a prodigy at Fire Bending and Earth Bending. Her Fire Bending is full of different colors and described by her parents as natural to her as breathing. While, they describe her Earth Bending as being similar to walking- once you learn you never think about it again. However, Rina struggles with Air Bending and Water Bending. It has been stated that her Air Bending is weak at best and that she currently can not Water Bend at all. Rina is extremely traditional and loses her temper when confronted with issues related to the Fire Nation and her family.

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Crown Prince Ozuko – Ozuko is the current crown prince of the Fire Nation and the eldest brother to Azumi and twin sisters named Mei and Mai. He is the twenty year old son of Fire Lord Azai and his second wife. Ozuko was born extremely late Azai’s life due to the deaths of Azai’s first wife and two male children. Although, Ozuko is both talented and handsome he is known as the playboy prince and has average respect from Fire Nation citizens. Due to circumstance, Ozuko ends up as the traveling mate of Rina. The two having a sibling like relationship that often involves bickering. Because of Ozuko’s status and good looks he and his friends always end up in trouble due to females.

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“Chao” – Chao is a seventeen year old Earth Bending traveler that ends up traveling with Zuko and Rina. Not much is known about him at all. Except he seems to mysteriously have many contacts and knows a lot about the current world.


Yue – Yue is a Water Bending daughter of a Northern Water Tribe merchant house. Not much is known about her other than her being friends with Chao and an ex of the Northern Water Tribe’s Chief’s son. Yue is assumed to be around Chao’s age. Because her family is a merchant house, Yue is often not in the Northern Water Tribe and dresses in a more universal attire. However, because her family is well known their exists parts of traditional attire mixed in.

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Ximei – Ximei is the crown princess of the Earth Nation. Because she is the first Earth Bender to ascend as a ruler of the Earth Nation there is a lot of controversy surrounding her. Ximei is a polite, but straightforward girl that dresses casual when compared to her status. Like Rina, she is fifteen years old. She has a thirteen year old brother named Luying. He is not an Earth Bender.

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Reo – Reo is a nomadic Air Bender that is assumed to be fourteen years old. Currently, not much is known about him.

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Azumi – Azumi is the eldest Princess of the Fire Nation. When we first meet her she is in traditional clothes; however, she is known for sneaking out and indulging in her vices. Azumi, unlike her brother, is extremely popular for her cute charm and dominant personality. Rina and Azumi do not get along. This is because Azumi is considered a prodigy at Fire Bending, but lost in a match against Rina. She actively gets in Rina’s way and tries to make her life harder.

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Summi – Summi is the only daughter of the current Chief of the Southern Water Tribe, Sonnaq. She is a talented Water Bender and an antagonist to Rina. This is because she is obsessed with crown prince Zuko, to the point of stalking Team Avatar with Azumi and Nina.


Nina – Nina is the former childhood friend of Rina. She is the daughter of former Southern Water Tribe diplomats and a Water Bender that is primarily a healer. Due to the unrequited love for their child friend, Sokkoda, and his death Nina hates Rina. She follows Azumi and Summi around in hopes of creating a situation that will cause Rina heartbreak and death.

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Sokkoda – Sokkoda is the childhood friend of Nina and Rina. His father was a Southern Water Tribe merchant and his mother was a Water Bending healer who ran a small clinic in the back of their shop. He and Rina were in a relationship and this ultimately lead to his death in a tragic fire accident. He was known for his gentle, calm and carrying personality.

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Torrin – Torrin is the eldest child of the Northern Water Tribe’s Chief. He is twenty three years old and is Yue’s Ex and Chao’s friend. He has active distaste for Summi, and forces the idea of Zuko and Rina as it annoys her. He is a confident and mannered individual that is well liked.

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Lu Ying – Lu Ying is the prince of the Earth Nation and the younger brother of Xiaomei. He is not an Earth Bender and at thirteen years old works as a representative on Republic City’s council.

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Yang – Yang is an older Air Bender man that is first introduced to Rina.

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Hiro – Hiro is the current mayor of Republic city. He has a complex about his name.




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