What It’s Like Dealing With Royalty : pt.1

I walked quietly through the grounds. It was a marvel the Fire Nation was able to keep large parts of the ground separate of the press and tourist interaction. The Earth Nation’s Palace was a mob of television shoes, tourist traps and large publicity grabs. It was literally the shinning beacon of the modern world and where non-benders have taken us, Out with the old and in with new in neon lights. The only thing I could think of was how somehow the Fire Nation maintained a small sense of tradition within the modern nation. Perhaps, it was because they still had nobles in the old fashion sense. Rain started to fall lightly. I took this as the sign to leave the covered area and walk into the open space. The feeling of rain on my skin always felt better then it probably should.

“All of this is a mess.”

I slowly took deep breaths, warming up my body. I slowly practiced the movements of bending with out it. Everything was set up to be relaxing. It should of been the very thing that calmed me down from the fact I wasted all of my parents efforts to protect me, but instead I was met with the irritating laugh of a stubborn playboy prince. I turned my head to see Zuko and his sister standing under the covering.

“Done playing in the rain yet?”

I took a deep breath, my body getting really hot, before standing straight. Steam was coming off of it.

“I wasn’t playing. What do you want your highness?”

He seemed to smile at the answer while his sister got annoyed.

“Can you just hurry up? Father has someone to introduce to you.”

Tch, If it was the Fire Lord she couldn’t say no. O slowly walked towards them as a trail of steam followed me. Zuko laughing.

“Only the Avatar would be comfortable showing up wet to see the Fire Lord.”

I walked quicker. The goal  was to hurry and get the meeting

“Still not the Avatar.”

“I see. Maybe I have no need to be here then.”

Turning the corner in the hallway was an older Air Nation Monk and the Fire Lord. I bowed to the two of them.

“My apologies Fire Lord. I was in the middle of meditation when you summoned me.”

The Fire Lord waved it off.

“The Avatar doing something unusual is expected.”

Enjoying the rain wasn’t that unusual…I nodded my head silently, though. The Air Monk smiling.

“My name is Yang. I have been invited here to begin your Air Bending Training.”

I peeked up at the Fire Lord. He was smiling like a young boy who had just won a game. I was losing more and more respect for The Fire Nation Lord.

“I am sorry to waist your time, but I have no need for an Air Bending tutor.”

Tang smiled sympathetically.

“I have heard you do not wish to be the Avatar. You isolated yourself for fifteen years to hide the secret.”

How in the world did the Fire Nation get an Air Monk here so fast and so well informed! It had only been one night.

“It is not about wishing. I am not the Avatar.”

Yang simply sighed lightly. He didn’t seemed put off.

“I see. We can just call you a person who can bend more then fire.”

The Fire Lord and Prince cracked up laughing. Her highness, Azumi, seemed even more irritated.

“Why are we even wasting time with this conversation. She clearly has no interest in being a useful member of society. There is nothing special about her.”

The Air Monk seemed the most displeased with her response. Yang seemed to cope with it by ignoring the response all together.

“Would that work for you, Rina?”

No. It did not work for me! This was ridiculous. All of this was not what my family or I wanted.

“I would prefer to just leave me unable to air bend.”

Zuko reacted first.

“I told you she would say no.”

The Fire Lord smiled wider.

“It’s an order by the Fire Lord.”

Rina clenched her teeth together.

“I will spend some time with Mr. Yang.”

He clapped his hands.

“Excellent. Zuko, Azumi let us leave them alone.”

I watched the royal pain in the asses leave. Yang looked at me calmly.

“Would you like to just meditate today?”

I nodded my head and walked away from him, back into the rain. This was more then I ever wanted.

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