• I Am Not Starfire :

    Hi Hi Y’all, There’s been some buzz about one of DC’s newer graphic novel: I Am Not Starfire. Here’s the thing… I really wanted to like this more and not just find myself agreeing with the negativity around it. But, I didn’t…. There are so many things I found wrong with this graphic novel. There… Continue Reading →

  • Fan Fiction Friday [02/12] :

    Hi HI Y’all, I’m baaack- sort of. Anyways, it has taken me forever within my schedule to finish this (and I didn’t manage to finish the chapter updates that were supposed to go along with it) but here is the character profiles for the ENTIRE OHIYON CLAN of the wonderful and amazing ALL SOULS UNIVERSE…. Continue Reading →

  • Winx Club Fate Saga:

    Hi Hi Y’all, So, I am here to talk about something surprisingly semi-serious: Winx Club Fate Saga. Straight up, I was 100% prepared to either hate this or have more conflicting feelings than I do now based on all the promotional material. I mean the level of white characters and then Aesha had me twitching… Continue Reading →

  • Watching TV & Thoughts :

    Hi Hi Y’all, Early today I read the spoilers for one of the manhwas I was reading- The Way To Protect The Female Lead’s Older Brother. It had such a great start and I loved the premise. Then I read the spoilers and I become the classic me of ‘whyyyyyy‘. The sad part was that… Continue Reading →

  • I’ve Been Looking At Past Fan Fic Ideas :

    Hi HI Y’all, I’ve been going over my Douluo Dalu Fan Fiction and my Is It Wring To Pick Up Girls In The Dungeon. There’s been definitely some feelings I’ve had on them. Douluo Dalu and my other Wuxia novels always feel so hard to write. It’s like I know what I want to say… Continue Reading →

  • Fan Fiction Friday [ 11/27 ] :

    Hi Hi Y’all! I’m back with a great Fan Fiction this week! A new chapter of Harry Potter! Plus, updated character art by the ever fabulous Juliet~ I.L. Knight

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