• I Am Not Starfire

    Hi Hi Y’all, There’s been some buzz about one of DC’s newer graphic novel: I Am Not Starfire. Here’s the thing… I really wanted to like this more and not just find myself agreeing with the negativity around it. But, I didn’t…. There are so many things I found wrong with this graphic novel. There……

  • Fan Fiction Friday [02/12]

    Hi HI Y’all, I’m baaack- sort of. Anyways, it has taken me forever within my schedule to finish this (and I didn’t manage to finish the chapter updates that were supposed to go along with it) but here is the character profiles for the ENTIRE OHIYON CLAN of the wonderful and amazing ALL SOULS UNIVERSE….…

  • I’ve Been Looking At Past Fan Fic Ideas

    Hi HI Y’all, I’ve been going over my Douluo Dalu Fan Fiction and my Is It Wring To Pick Up Girls In The Dungeon. There’s been definitely some feelings I’ve had on them. Douluo Dalu and my other Wuxia novels always feel so hard to write. It’s like I know what I want to say……

  • Fan Fiction Friday [ 11/27 ]

    Hi Hi Y’all! I’m back with a great Fan Fiction this week! A new chapter of Harry Potter! Plus, updated character art by the ever fabulous Juliet~ I.L. Knight

  • I’m Trying A New Treatment

    Hi Hi Y’all, This update is for my fellow Spoonies. If you don’t know already I have an autoimmune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis (and Fibro Myalgia and Arthritis and IBS and…). Well, to make a long story short with the newest shift in one of my disks I have pinched a major nerve. It’s been……

  • Star Trek Discovery [ Season 3 Episode 4 ]

    Hi Hi Y’all~ As y’all know I am a huge Star Trek fan. When it comes to the Discovery series I honestly go up and down about it. Something about the whole Burnham is the future version of Jesus just doesn’t flow as well for me as obnoxious Kirk did for a six year old….…

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