Chapter 26 : Your Name Is

I sat at the dinning table glumly. Yesterday’s events going through my mind. { Creation } Demon Lord Procell was dangerous. { Wind } Demon Lord Stolas with her arrogance isn’t an issue until she grows more.

 Her [ War ] with Procell may not provide enough experience for the entire growth she needs, but that budding romance between the two was the biggest pain in the arse. The versatility of her medal combined with his genius was an abhorrent combination for everyone.

[ Olara, you have to stop stirring your soup. It’s becoming a weird texture in front of all of us. ]

I looked up from my soup.

[ Gallecki. ]

He looked at me grimly. Last night I had shown the A rank dwarf memories of the entire [ War ].

[ No idea on those weapons. ]

Gallecki shook his head.

[ Not at that currently level. A lot of trial and error and information gathering would need to be attempted. ]

[ I see. ]

I turned to my monsters- the elites.

[ And your thoughts? ]

Mia grimaced.

[ In a [ War ] we have a 43% chance of winning. The majority of us would die. ]

[ As I thought. ]

[ Olara~ ]

I looked at Skadi.

[ That Quina is a monster that has incredible ability and fearsome potential. My specialty is single targets. It cannot be comparable to her destruction abilities. It would take more then me to possibly take her down. ]

[ Olara. ]

( I am not losing my precious life to such an uncultured swine )

I ignored the unicorn and looked at the Arachne. She shook her head no.

[ We all agree. ]

[ Olara! ]

[ What! ]

Atira looked at me annoyed.

[ You may be at a disadvantage now, but you are the child of the Great { Earth } Demon Lord Atirakos. The very Demon Lord who has protected four dungeons . The very Demon Lord who is feared by almost all the other Demon Lords. No, I am feared by ALL the Demon Lords. Do you think that you won’t be able to take Procell one day? You are just as capable as him. You have the one ability who in time may be able to produce results equal to him! You are smarter than him! You are my child! Stop this horrid atmosphere at your meal and show us you next { Monster Of Covenant }. ]

A small smile appeared on my face.

[ Thank you, mom. ]

Atira looked at me shocked.

[ Did you just… ]

[ Shut up. ]

Filthy loli!

I stood up.

[ My children, I appreciate all your work and effort. Your ranks mean nothing to me. One day I hope to be able to give as many names as possible no matter the risk of it. I apologize for needing specific monsters for this. ]

My monsters looked at me warmly.

To think they are this forgiving.

[ { Synthesis } ]

I held the original { Darkness } , the original { Intent } medal and the imitation { Evil } medal.

Child, I ask of you to be born as we need at this time. I ask of you to fulfil the wishes and hopes of your family. Please, grow with us and watch us conquer the world. Be a spirit for us all. A creature of the shadows who can make decisions in place of those with softer hearts. A ruler of the shadows and a lover of traversing planes. May you be a monster capable of manipulating our enemies and possessing their hearts and minds. You are the soul of our wills and our desires. Child, I ask you to be born into this family with a love for us all and the most vile hatred for those who would hurt us. Please, join us.

The purple light shone almost as brightly as it did for Brigid. When it was over, a dark ethereal kite looking creature floated before us. In a sound that felt like a combination of voices words came from the form.

[ Greetings, my master. ]

I looked at the spirit.

In a way it is beautiful.

[ Hello, my child. ]

It looked around the room. It was impossible to tell its reactions or where it was looking at with its form.

[ This is an odd collection of creatures. Yet, there is also so few. ]

[ Forgive me, I should have introduced myself. I am the newly born { Intent } Demon Lord Olara. ]

[ Newly born? ]

[ Yes. ]

[ How odd. ]

[ That is what I am told. ]

[ I see. If that is the case what is it you wish of me? ]

[ Be my { Monster of Covenant}. ]

A collection of voices rang out as if it was surprised.

[ Me? A { Monster of Covenant }? ]

[ Yes, I summoned you for that purpose. ]

[ Why not one of those two beautiful ones over there. ]

[ Because, I don’t need them in that way. I need you. ]

[ You need me, the vile creature of evil and darkness. ]

[ Yes. ]

[ Can you stop this nonsense spirit. We are busy. ]

[ Seelie Queen, you are a { Monster of Covenant }. ]

[ I am. ]

[ A being such of yourself approves of me and that Demon Lord. ]

Brigid nodded.

[ Hurry up and accept the offer Olara gives you for some reason. ]

[ Alright, I accept. ]

My monsters seemed happy, Mia the usual calm. Brigid narrowed her eyes.

[ Do not think of betraying her, spirit. ]

It ignored Brigid and floated over to me.

[ I accept a name, master of unusual forces. ]

Unusual forces was one way to put it.

[ I name you Balibt. ]

A different type of warmth flooded into me. It was somehow warm and cold at the same time and like a rush of energy merging with me. Almost as if I was wrapped in comfort cocoon inside and out. Balibt spoke again.

[ Master, there is a host body here that fits my preferences and standards. May I inhabit it? ]

[ What body? ]

[ A human body, deeper down. ]

I looked at Atira.

[ Go ahead~ You are a rare and wonderful sight after all, Balibt. ]

It floated away and disappeared through one of the walls. Atira turned to look at me.

[ Sooo~ My child, you have more medals. ]

[ Are you saying I should waste the DP I have left to create monsters instead of using it for my dungeon. ]

Atira pouted.

[ Come on, I’ll help arrange better resources and construction efficiencies with the other dungeons. ]

I could only sigh.

I have { Steel } ,  { Viscosity }, { Light }, { Death }, { Creation } and { Wind } as unused imitations. The only medals worth using at the moment was either { Light } to become support for the annoying unicorn or { Death } after seeing that Wight in action. They were not able to be put together to make one useful creature. I will go with { Death } since I have the clearest image in my mind at the moment and I don’t know if I want to use that { Creation } medal yet.

[ { Synthesis} ]

I looked down at the imitation medals: { Death }, { Intent } and { Person }.

Now, I will have to have such a tight budget for awhile.

I need a monster like the Wight I saw earlier. He needs to grow, command the dead, possibly reinvigorate them. However, I want him specialized in leadership, tactical and chore related tasks. A leader of my skeletons in their work as personal staff. He doesn’t need to be physically strong or have abilities necessarily suited for combat. Useful magic is more important. Give me a monster with all of that and intelligence. Give me an aid.

The purple light shone.

It’s a lich.

[ You summoned me. ]

I smiled at him and repeated my introductions. Then I pointed to my four skeletons.

[ These are my current skeletons. I will be buying more to serve under them. Think of these four as the leaders you need to train. When I have the chance I will find other undead for other work in order for you to efficiently do your job. I am going to depend you Lich. ]

It nodded its head and looked at the skeletons, who were rattling their bones.

[ It is a pleasure to work with you. ]

Balibt returned. I took a step back shocked.

He had arrived in the form of a ragged dirty boy. However, even with all of that you could tell he was beautiful. Silver hair and blue eyes and perfect features! Did he like to possess beautiful boys as his shell? Wait was he a boy or girl! I forgot to ask…

[ I see I have missed an event. ]

That was a beautiful singular voice.

I nodded my head.

[ Yes, Lich was born to be an aid. We also needed a new department head to help construct the new dungeon. ]

The two nodded at each other.

[ I see. It seems we shall be working together. ]

[ Yes. We should get along. ]

Atira cracked up laughing.

[ Olara you make the strangest monsters. Your family is suuuuuper chaotic. I hope you have a solid plan on how to pull all of this together. Afterall, you poached my children for this~ ]

I smiled at her.

[ I am the genius child of the Great { Earth } Demon Lord. Of course, I have a plan for a dungeon that exceeds the idea of success. ]

Race: Dybbuk

S Rank

Name: Balibt

Level: 1

Physical Strength: G

Endurance: A

Agility: S

Magic Power: S

Luck: B

Skills: Ruler of Darkness, Ruler of Shadows, Archenemy,  One who lurks in the mind, Possessor, Guardian of Evil


Race: Lich

B Rank

Name: Unnamed

Level: 1

Physical Strength: G

Endurance: D

Agility: D

Magic Power: A

Luck: D

Skills: Commander of the Dead, Undead Creation, Invigorate the dead, Expert Researcher, Aura of Fear, Magic Mastery, Paralyzing Touch, Immunity King, Support Commander


The Dybbuk

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