Chapter 33 : Gareth Greengrass

Excitement was in the air during breakfast. Everyone was pumped and excited to be leaving for Durmstrung. I was one of the few who was not. I was more excited for the dandelion coffee that appeared before me. The sound of owl’s wings dropping off packages caused me to look up. A box and letter was dropped in front of me. Cadmael was annoyingly delivering it publicly. My brother leaned down to look at the letter.




Ailean cracked a smile. “Just like him.” Rob’s attention turning to my package. “What did you receive?” I smiled at him and pushed it into my school bag. “Nothing of interest.” He leaned forward. “Oh, I doubt that.” I turned my attention to Scorpius. “I have a surprise for you.” He looked shocked but a few around us looked at me warily.

Ignoring them I continued. “Pembrooke is a baker like her mom. They have a homemade toffee recipe. She is interested in a diddy for it.” He looked very excited. “Really?” I nodded my head. “Do you want me to introduce you two?” Scorpius nodded his head eagerly. “Yes!” I smiled at him and turned my attention back to my coffee.

Ethel’s face scrunched up as she looked down at her letter quivering. Scorpius turning his attention to her. “Ethel?” She said nothing as Wibert leaned over to see what her letter said. Anger appearing on his face. “Are you kidding me!” Many of the students at our table turning to look at us now.

Cyst looked worried. “Go on. Out with it. What’s going on?” Ethel looked up from her letter. “My grandfather’s house has been raided and he has been taken into custody.” Everyone seemed completely shocked. However, both my brother and I had no idea why this was important. Cyst leaned forward confused. “Why would they take him, an Unspeakable?” He was an Unspeakable… They publicly took away an Unspeakable. Even we got that. “Oh my.”

Scorpius looked at his cousin concerned. “What do they think Gareth did? He’s a gentle man.” Ethel seemed to shake a little as she looked down at the letter. “They are planning to send him to Azkaban impending a trial on the disappearance of Penelope Fawley.” Everyone turning to look at Sulli. She was looking up from her journal completely shocked as well. “But Gareth was the lead investigator on her disappearance.”

My brother took my hand. He was shaking slightly. It was hard to tell if it was from anxiety or excitement and Ailean complained I was the gambler in the family. “That’s utter bullocks.” Scorpius looked angrily at her. “There’s no way such an old man could of done anything.” Serpens nodded his head. “It’s marvelous that that old man is even still alive.”

Rob leaned forward towards Ethel. “Does it say anything about support from Addison or Melody?” She shook her head no. “Nothing. There’s no way they would ever blame him. He’s been searching for answers even still.” Ailean looked at Scorpius. “Can’t your father write something. Help him out.” Everyone turning to look at him. The young boy looked conflicted. “I doubt if my father wrote anything it would help.”

Kyle Jenkins scoffed. “Even the Potters and Weasleys are over the Malfoy family.” No one said anything. I leaned towards Albus. He was, annoyingly, sitting next to me now. “Can’t you ask your father why this is happening?” Albus looked shocked but no more so than the rest of the table. Scorpius looking at his best friend hopeful. “I can try but…” Ethel cut him off. “But you aren’t James.” He looked down in frustration.

Sulli turned her head. “Speak of the devil and he shall appear.” James, Houde, Elias and a few others appeared. He was looking at his brother. “I just heard the news. I came to see if you were going to ask dad for something ridiculous.” James’ eyes scanning over us. “For your new found love of your housemates.” Ethel stood up from the table and glared at him. “Gareth is an old sentimental man. He wouldn’t do anything cruel.”

She was brushed off with sneers and jests. “As if anyone trusts your words, Greengrass.” Anger flared around our table. Scorpius looking agitated. “My mum was a Greengrass and she was known for speaking out against Pure Blood supremacy.” He was met with eye rolls. “Publicity for Malfoy.” Albus the next to stand up. “Don’t talk that way about Scorpius and his family.”

Houde glared down at Albus. “You’re a born Potter. You should be able to know by birth which families are cruel and which are fair.” Cena glared at his brother. “Don’t bring our family into this.” Elias looked down at Sulli. “Aren’t our families already in it.” Ophelia cut in. “James, really I don’t think he’s the bad sort. He’s been looking for her for years for Addison and Melody. He’s not like the others.” He looked at her and sighed. “Not everyone is an exception, Phi.”

Ophelia looked down wounded. “I know that…” Honore put her arm around Ophelia and glared at them all. “Don’t hurt her, wanker.” James looked at her annoyed. “Shut your mouth, Lestrange. Her hanging around people like you doesn’t help her.” Ophelia looked up quickly at him. “I promise you, James. Honore isn’t like that. I swear she isn’t.” Houde scoffed at her. “She’s a Lestrange.” She glared at him. “And you are a Flint.” He took a step back uncomfortable.

James turned back to Ethel. “Whether he’s good or bad we’ll see. The trial will let us know.” We could see her clenching her fists. “Let us hope then it will be fair. So even you can see the truth.” He looked taken aback. “Of course it will be fair. My father is there.” My eyes wandered over to Albus. There really was hurt in those eyes of his.

Rob stood up and clapped his hands. “Let’s leave it at that, shall we?” His eyes turning sharper as he looked at James. “We don’t want to cause a disturbance for either of our houses.” Houde went to step forward but James held him back. “I don’t care how many Professors like you Robinson. One day they’ll see how awful you really are.” The red coats leaving our table.

Sulli looked at Ethel with an unusual sense of emotion and concern. “I’ll have something written. Don’t worry.” She nodded her head slowly. Her polished beech wand raised slightly. “Incendio.” The letter burning up in front of all of us. Ethel standing up slowly. “I’ll go to potions early.” Wibert and Cena quietly running after her.

I turned to Scorpius. “I don’t think you’ll get any candy treats today.” He shook his head slowly and sadly. “I hope she’s okay.”

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