Chapter 1 : They may be digital… BUT COME ON

When we exited the forest I found myself in a town that looked like it came right out of an amusement park. It was like Halloween town, but bigger.

“This is the capital of Area 11. Up there is Laylamon’s residence. Tomorrow you and the other arrival will be taken to meet her.”

I looked up at where it pointed. At the top of a large hill was a large black palace. I wouldn’t guess the important digimon lived there. Oh no. Not at all.

“We are going to meet Laylamon?”

Opossummon didn’t turn around to look at me. It just kept quickly moving through the cobblestone streets.

“Yes. This entire week has been dedicated as a festival for your arrival. But Laylamon won’t be back until tomorrow.”

A festival? A week long festival, because of our arrival? This Laylamon had to know more about the voice… Or at least more than Yaamon. But knowing more than Yaamon doesn’t seem like it would be that special.

“I see. Laylamon is very gracious, isn’t she?”

At those words Opossummon did what seemed to be a dance.

“Laylamon is the most powerful, most wonderful and most beautiful digimon of all.”

I quickly covered Yaamon’s mouth. I was right to know that Yaamon was about to pop off.

“It seems so. Did she arrange tonight’s housing?”

Opossummon quickly turned the corner into what seemed like the darkest street in the already dark city. I think I spoke to graciously about Laylamon.

“Of course, Laylamon did. She wouldn’t let anyone else choose. Laylamon seems to have some sort of interest in you….Not that I know why.”

Oh. Opossummon was ruder. Worse than Yaamon. Maybe Yaamon wasn’t so bad.

“Leemon may be weak, and an unknown digimon, but Leemon is with me! That makes Leemon more amazing than an Opossummon. DO YOU HEAR ME?”

I quickly covered its mouth again. I was wrong. There is nothing good about Yaamon. Opossummon just ignored its comment. How nice… Opossummon stopping in front of an inn with a sign in a language I could not read.

“This is Ogremon’s place. You shouldn’t be able to cause any trouble here.”

Opossummon turned back around and smiled…Well, smiled more than the permanent smile that seemed stuck on its face. It was painful to look at.

“Of course, Ogremon is also known to be fun.”

I let out a sigh and followed Opossummon inside. Despite the creepy Halloween themed outside the inside of the inn looked like a normal cozy welcome area. There was a sign in desk managed by green things and a resting area with a couch. Everything was quite nice until we heard the sound of furniture breaking. Out eyes turning to see the sight of a boy hitting a digimon. Besides him was a large green digimon I assume to be Ogremon by its… Well, it’s it. And another new digimon that looked like a blue skinned boy in a large hat.

“Wizardmon…Ogremon… What is the commotion?”

The three of us. The two and a half of us walked over to the scene. If Ogremon was the owner of the inn then Wizardmon had to be the boy’s escort here. I have to admit Wizardmon seems much friendlier than Opossummon. I turned to look at the boy. Complete yankee type. Awful bleached blonde hair, too many studs on his clothes and total mismatch of prints. It hurt my eyes to look at. This mismatch of a boy was holding what looked like an off colored rabbit with three horns by its ears.

“You worthless digimon. Can’t you do anything right!”

“I’m sorry, Goro. I didn’t-“

The poor bunny’s words were cut off by another slap. I walked and kicked his behind. When the boy started falling for ward I reached out to catch the bunny in my arms. It was heavier than it looked.

“My bad. I didn’t see you there.”

Goro looked behind him while still being on the floor. Man, he had more piercings than needed on one person. However, he had a cuff that didn’t seem like it matched the rest. It was a dark green with a symbol on it. It was probably his version of the earring she had on.

“What’s your problem!”

I watched his reaction change slowly as he noticed I was not a digimon. Suddenly, he was smiling. Ah. He was the dumb type too.

“A human, huh. It’s my lucky day. To think I’d be able to get rid of competition on my first day. Lopmon.”

The bunny in my arms, Lopmon, looked at me apologetically and pushed itself out of my arms. Yaamon started to look as if steam would come out of it again.

“What is your problem Lopmon! Leemon was nice enough to hold you in its arms at the same time as the great and powerful me!”

Ah. Yaamon was also the dumb type. My life was so challenging. Lopmon turned to Goro.

“I already told you, idiot. Attack that girl!”

Ogremon seemed to move forward, but I shook my head no. Opossummon had an annoying look on its face. Wizardmon just seemed curious.

“Tiny Twister!”

Goro laughed loudly.

“Your Lesser Digimon has no chance against my rookie Lopmon! Die for the sake of my ambit-“

His words ended when he realoized I had just jumped backwards out of the way. I looked down at Yaamon.?

“Hey. Is it true that Lopmon is a better digimon then you?”

Yaamon thrashed in my arms.

“I am the Great and-”

I flicked its forhead.

“Yes or no shall suffice.”

Wizardmon spoke up.

“Lopmon is a Rookie Digimon. Yaamon is closer to a baby digimon.”

I nodded at it.

“Thank you for the information, Wizardmon.”

My attention turned to the yankee.

“So, how did you get your digimon to become a rookie so quickly?”

Goro seemed to regain his composure and arrogance at the same time. It was just awful to look at.

“Why should I tell you! Lopmon finish them off.”

Lopmon took a deep breath. Ice shards heading towards us.

“Blazing Ice!”


Yaamon nodded its head.

“Rolling Black!”

The icicle shards disappeared. I immediately threw Yaamon at Lopmon. The two tumbling gently into the nearest wall. Yaamon getting up first.


I ignored Yaamon and turned to Goro.

“So, how did you get Lopmon? What was Lopmon before?”

Goro seemed totally enraged. He wasn’t even paying attention to me.

“Lopmon get up and finish this! Do you hear me! GET UP!”

Eh. Yaamon had be able to grow up and listen to me. What was with this guy. If a baby could understand why couldn’t he? I walked forward and slapped him. He turned to look at me shocked.

“What are you-”

I slapped him again.

“I asked you a question.”

Goro grabbed my shirt. Total thug type. How did he end up with a cute bunny digimon and I get the dumb purple blob?

“Just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean I won’t hit you! Do you hear me-”

Ah. I don’t have time for this. I twisted his arm behind his back and moved him into the nearest wall. It was annoying having to look at his face. The piercings were reflecting light and it just made my head hurt. Goro started to try and escape, so I squeezed harder.

“What are you doing!? Let me go right this instant, or-”

“Or what? Just answer my question and I’ll let you go. We have to meet Laylamon tomorrow anyways.”

Goro started to squirm more.

“Who cared about Laylamon, let me go right now!”

I turned to look at the three spectators.

“Hey. He says he doesn’t care about Laylamon. That has to be some kind of offense right?”

Ogremon and Wizardmon both turned to look at Opossummon. It was smiling creepily again. Poor Goro.

“Laylamon isn’t here right now to be informed. We will tell her tomorrow when she meets him. Please don’t do anything that can stop him from going tomorrow.”

I nodded my head.

“Sure thing, Opossummon.”

I needed answers and housing, so it’s not like I can disagree. I let go of his arm and took a step back.

“Well, you heard Opossummon. We both have to meet Laylamon tomorrow.”

I turned around and started walking towards Yaamon when Goro moved forward to grab me. I smiled and took a step to my left and stuck out my right foot. He fell flat on his face. I bent down to pick up Yaamon.

“You can’t throw me again, Leemon.”

I patted its head and sighed.

“Yaamon, if you don’t learn manners you will end up like Goro over there.”

Yaamon looked at Goro like he was disgusting. Yaamon you get it! I turned to look at Lopmon.

“Lopmon, you know. Goro isn’t a very good person…or partner. He shouldn’t treat you like that. If you ever want my help, just ask okay?”

Lopmon looked at me confused. Goro rushed over and picked it up by the ears again. Ah. What a bad kid.

“You aren’t going anywhere Lopmon. You are my property!”

Lopmon nodded its head. Well, you can’t help them all. I walked over to Ogremon.

“Ogremon, is it okay if you show me where I am staying tonight?”

It nodded its head. I think Ogremon was smiling. I turned to look at Opossummon and Wizardmon.

“Thank you for showing me here, Opossummon. And it was nice to meet you Wizardmon. I’m sorry you ended up with Goro. That must have been quite taxing.”

I ignored whatever comment Goro made and followed Ogremon down a hall. It stopped in front of a door marked eleven.

“This is your’s and Impmon’s room. Breakfast is at eight thirty. Afterwards Opossummon will come back to take you to Laylamon.”

I nodded my head.

“Thank you very much, Ogremon.”

Ogremon rubbed the back of its head shyly. What contrast from how it looked.

“I should be thanking you. I shouldn’t say anything to my guests, but…”

I shook my head no.

“I completely understand Ogremon. No need to say thank you. Just make sure this inn stays a success.”

Yep. Ogremon can definitely smiled. It even seemed to hum a tune as it walked away. Yaamon and I walking into our room. It was simple, clean and nice. All it had was a decent sized bed, a table and a mirror. I put Yaamon down on the bed and walked over to the mirror. Yea, things have definitely changed. I wasn’t wearing the clothes I had been in previously. Somehow my everyday attire had changed into adventuring attire? The earring I wore was a large dark purple colored tear drop. It looked better than the green cuff Goro had on.

<< Ogremon’s Inn has been added as an ally location. Capital of Area 11 has been added as an ally location. Ogremon has been added to your army. Information on Ogremon, Wizardmon and Lopmon has been added. >>

Ogremon was now an ally. However, Opossummon and Wizardmon were not. It seemed you had to win over or charm a digimon before they would be considered one of your allies. However, meeting new digimon allowed access to information on them. It seemed like a simple enough deduction. Now, how was I supposed to use this earring to actually access the information. I would probably learn how to upgrade Yaamon like Goro did to Lopmon.


I turned away from the mirror to look at Yaamon. I must have zoned out and ignored his talking.

“Sorry, Yaamon. I was just thinking about Goro and Lopmon.”

Yaamon’s anger seemed to quiet down.

“You are apologizing to me…”

I sighed and sat down next to Yaamon on the bed, patting its head.

“When you do something wrong you apologize. I didn’t mean to ignore you, Yaamon. Goro just annoys me.”

Plus, I had to go over all the information I recently acquired and Yaamon wasn’t the smartest digimon so far. However, maybe he matured since seeing Goro, because he was still quiet.

“Leemon. I feel bad for Lopmon.”


“Lopmon is not a great and powerful digimon like me.”

Ah. Yaamon I get what you are trying to say, but half points.

“Well, even the best boat won’t float if it has rotten wood.”

Yaamon looked up at me confused.

“It means, no matter how good Lopman may be able to become it will never happen while being with someone like Goro.”

Yaamon took a big breath.

“Then we must remove Lopmon from Goromon. Lopmon can work for us.”

Ah. Yaamon. This is half points again.

“Oh? Lopmon is Goro’s partner, though. Lopmon may have to stay with Goro.”

Yaamon frowned.

“But we have to beat Goromon anyways. We have to win? Can’t we just beat Goromon and take Lopmon?”

Yaamon I’m really going to have to teach you how to talk. Still, Yaamon has surprisingly good sense about things.

“That is true. We do have to beat Goro anyways. That doesn’t mean Lopmon will not go away as well, or want to join us.”

Yaamon rolled onto my lap. Perhaps, Yaamon was like a cat. It secretly wanted all the attention, just had to make you work for it…Well, a cat would be better at it if it was like that.

“Then I will just be strong enough to make Lopmon stay with us?”

“Can you? Goro made Lopmon become like that. We haven’t figured anything out about that?”

Yaamon got upset again.

“Are you saying we are worse than Goromon!”

I shook my head.

“No. I’m saying even idiots can sometimes figure things out first.”

Yaamon’s head seemed to cool off.

“You’re right.”

I looked at Yaamon shocked.

“Did you just say I’m right?”

Yaamon nodded its head.

“Leemon has been figuring out things before me. And Leemon isn’t that smart.”

I pinched its cheeks annoyed. No one wants to be called dumb by an idiot.


Yaamon ignored me and kept talking.

“We shouldn’t be behind someone like that.”

I let go of its cheek and raised Yaamon high above my head.

“You know, Yaamon. That is the smartest thing I’ve heard you say today.”

Yaamon smiled.

“The great and powerful Yaamon is always smart…But after seeing Goromon I need to be stronger than just a regular Yaamon.”

I smiled at it.

“Isn’t that what you have me for?”

Yaamon looked it was about to cry. What a softie.


I smiled at Yaamon. Our fates were already tied together.

“We are partners, Yaamon.”

Yaamon began to shine white.

<< Yaamon digivolve to… Impmon. Information on Impmon has been added. >>

The light settled. A much larger thing existed in my hands. I had to move it into my lap. Impmon seemed like a great name for it.


I nodded my head.

“Yea, Yaamon…Er, Impmon. You are already getting stronger.”

Impmon surprised me by giving me a hug. Ah. Impmon you are ruining our one day dynamic. Impmon leaned away from me. I went to pat its head, but found myself untangling my arm from its now large body. Somehow, I must of moved the right way because light flashed from my earring to form a screen in front of us. Written on the purple light in front of us was a bunch of information. I fell down onto the bed and covered my face with my arm, cracking up laughing. Impmon looked down at me confused.

“Leemon! What is so funny!”

Without removing my arm I used my other one to pat Impmon’s head.

“Impmon, I may be as stupid as you think I am.”

Impmon bopped me on the head, just as I had done several times to it today.

“Any partner of mine isn’t going to be made up of rotten wood. Do you hear me, Leemon! We are the great and powerful Impmon and Leemon! The great and powerful!”

I couldn’t help, but keep laughing. What an interesting place this digital realm was.

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