Chapter 2 : Laylamon

I stretched as I got out of bed. The bed wasn’t as soft as it looked. Impmon was still fast asleep. What a louse. I pushed Impmon off the bed. Impmon started to look aroud frantic.

“What is going on? Who’s there? You’re asking to be turned into breakfast do you hear me.”

I cracked up laughing.

“If you don’t hurry up there will be no such thing as breakfast for you.”

Impmon turned to look at me annoyed.


I nodded my head.

“So does that mean you don’t want breakfast?”

Impmon ran past me to the door.

“Why are you bringing up such a thing! We will be late for breakfast if you don’t hurry up!”

I smiled and headed to the door.

“You’re right.”

Impmon nodded its head.

“Of course I’m right. Now let’s go eat!”

I opened the door and followed Impmon out. There was a table full of food waiting for us by the entrance. Ogremon was waiting there smiling.

“You are here!”

I nodded my head.

“You did say breakfast was at eight thirty.”

Ogremon rubbed the back of its head again. What a shy creature.

“I did didn’t I?”

I nodded again and moved over to the table. Impmon had already run ahead and was pilling food on its plate. I had to add eating manners to the list. I quietly added food to my plate. Ogremon seemed to be waiting for my reaction, so I quickly took a bite.


I turned to the smiling Ogremon.

“Thank you for the wonderful breakfast.”

Ogremon’s reply cut off by the annoying voice of Goro.

“I’m surprised you showed your face after yesterday.”

Eh. I should be surprised he showed his face after yesterday. His rookie digimon and himself lost to Yaamon and I.

“Why wouldn’t I?”

Goro scoffed and pushed past me to the food table. What a low life.

“Because your Yaamon is going to lose today to Lopmon. Then you will be out of the competition for good.”

I turned to look at Impmon. It was busy stuffing its face. Really now. I am going to have to teach Impmon how to eat properly.

“Impmon, Goro thinks you are going to lose to him today.”

Impmon looked up from his food to glare.

“What is that idiot saying. Obviously, we are going to turn Goromon into some stinky pile of meat.”

I gave him a quick glance and Impmon quickly turned to Ogremon.

“Not like this food of course! Ogremon’s food is surprisingly tasty! Totally worthy of the Great Impmon.”

Ah. Can I even give that half points? Well, it was clear that Impmon was more mature… just a little bit…than Yaamon. Goro on the other hand saw Impmon and scoffed.

“You think because you figured out how to make your digimon into a rookie digimon you will win?”

I shook my head no.

“Nah. Yaamon was enough for you. Impmon is just cuter.”

Impmon stopped eating and looked up at me.


I hit its head.

“Don’t let it get to you.”

Goro walked forward and grabbed my shirt. Really, this again? Insanity was doing the same things over expecting different results. Did he know that? I was getting ready to move when Ogremon lifted him up by his collar. Goro’s limbs were flailing.

“I don’t allow violence in my inn. Guests of Laylamon or not.”

Goro started to swat his arm.

“Put me down! You can’t treat a guest this way!”

I smiled at Ogremon. I haven’t figured out yet if I could lose allies.

“Thank you for the help, Ogremon. I’m sorry we caused such a ruckus in your inn.”

Ogremon shook his head.

“You didn’t do anything, Leemon.”

Ah. Leemon was going to stick, because of Impmon. How come Goro was just Goro. I take back all my good feelings towards Impmon.

“Could you put him down, Ogremon. Laylamon has called for them.”

I turned to see Wizardmon. Next to it was Opossummon. Ogremon dropped Goro to the floor. Lopmon seemed to be the only one worried for him.

“Good morning, WIzardmon. Opossummon.”

Wizardmon didn’t say anything to me. Opossummon just did one of its creepy smiles.

“You haven’t been causing too much trouble have you?”

I shook my head no.

“I haven’t caused any trouble. Ask Ogremon.”

Ogremon quickly nodded its head. Ah. Having allies was so nice.

“I know this is Laylamon’s guest, but Wizardmon. He is just awful.”

Wizardmon silently nodded its head.

“I will not bring Goro back here after meeting with Laylamon.”

Ogremon smiled.

“I would appreciate that.”

Opossummon twirled.

“Then I won’t-”

Ogremon wildly shook its hands back and forth.

“Leemon can stay!”

Ah. Too obvious Ogremon. Your face seems to be turning red. Opossummon just nodded its head. It was up to something. I could feel it. Impmon stuck its tongue out at Goro.

“Did you hear that meat stack. We can stay and you can’t.”

I hit Impmon’s head.


Impmon simply stuck its tongue out at Goro one more time and turned around. Wizardmon sighing.

“Let us go.”

I nodded and started to walk forward when I stopped at the sound of Goro’s complaint.

“But I didn’t get to eat breakfast!”

We all ignored him and kept walking. Goro should of woke up in time. Poor Lopmon.

I was looking around the inside of the castle. It was very much what I expected. Completely beautiful gothic themed villain’s mansion. Everything was top notch expensive darkness. The six of us walked into what looked to be like a throne room. Opossummon turned around so he was facing us.

“Laylamon will enter after you kneel.”

Goro looked at him shocked.

“Huh. Why should I kneel to some creature.”

He was going to lose this game even if I didn’t do anything. I knelt down and looked at Impmon. It was going to say something, but I put my finger to my lips and shook my head no. Impmon stopped for a second, blinked a few times and silently copied me. I guess, it could be trained. Wizardmon turned to Goro.

“You must kneel in the presence of Laylamon.”

Goro crossed his arms.

“I don’t kneel to anyone. You got that.”

What an idiot. The large doors opened once again. For some reason I could actually feel the powerful presence looming behind me. I quickly bent my head and gave Impmon a look to do the same. It seems we were on the same page of playing it smart. Goro on the other hand watched Laylamon like an idiot.

“You two are the champion sent to my Area.”

I nodded my head, but kept it down. Champions…. She did know something.

“Hey, lady! Just give me my power boost already so I can teach this girl her place.”

Ah. What an idiot. No. What a complete dunce. The entire room somehow felt like darkness.

“Wizardmon. Opossummon.”

I heard Wizardmon speak first.

“This is Goro. He has with him Lopmon. As you said, I found him by the Bakemon village.”

Then came Opossummon.

“This is Leemon. She has with her Impmon. For some reason, she was in the Pumpkinmon village.”

I could feel Laylamon turning her head to look at me.

“Leemon. Raise your head.”

I raised my head to look at her. I could see why they called her she. Laylamon looked like a Goddess of Darkness. In fact, she looked like a giant humanoid. What a nice change.

“Yes, Laylamon.”

She was smiling.

“I knew the female champion would have better manners than the male. I mean look at the lump they sent me. It is completely ridiculous for one of my standing. Don’t you agree?”

I nodded my head.

“Since I’ve arrived in Area 11 every digimon has treated me with the utmost respect. It chows how much devotion they have for you.”

Laylamon seemed to like my answer. She had quite the laugh.

“I like you so far, Leemon. Try to not disappoint me.”

“I will try, Laylamon.”

Laylamon turned to Goro.

“And you, lump. I will be merciful and let you leave my area.”

Goro started to shout. How dumb was he? Laylamon was like an area boss in a video game. You don’t immediately face her.

“What are you talking about! Hurry up and give me my power up! I want my power up!”

Aaaah. The room felt dark again. I could hear both Wizardmon and Opossummon step forward. I might not get my reward if they finish him! I want my reward for putting up with him! I quickly raised my hand. The darkness fading away. Laylamon smiling.

“You wish to say something, Leemon? Surely, you don’t wish to advocate for this lump?”

I quickly shook my head no.

“I would never advocate for someone who has been so disrespectful to Laylamon. I simply wanted to ask if I could be the one to remove him from your presence.”

Laylamon started to laugh.

“Has the lump disrespected you as well?”

I nodded my head.

“The lump consistently abused a digimon in my presence and tried to abuse mine. The lump was also rude Ogremon who was nice enough to allow us to spend the night at his inn. And… And the lump is being called a champion like me. I cannot allow a lump to be considered the same as me.”

Opossummon and Wizardmon both looked at Laylamon. She seemed to think it over for a moment before laughing.

“I was supposed to give the two champions an introduction for their circumstances. However, as you both know it is your destiny to face each other I see no reason not to allow you to exterminate the lump. Please go on and entertain me with its removal.”

I nodded my head and stood up. Impmon smiling as it faced Lopmon. Goro was still freaking out.

“Why are you bowing your head to that digimon! It is supposed to work for us! You are so pathetic!”

I ignored the lump completely. I liked Laylamon’s word choice.

“Impmon. He has been in the presence of Laylamon too long.”

Impmon nodded.

“Infernal Funnel: Fire.”

Flames shot out from Impmon’s hands towards Goro. It was funny how he didn’t even pretend to aim for Lopmon. Goro grabbed Lopmon by its ears and put it in front of him. What a stupid lump!

“Are you seriously going to humiliate yourself more by forcing Lopmon to be burnt in your place!”

Goro glared at me.

“Huh. Lopmon exists to take damage. It’s my property. Lopmon.”

Goro threw the bunny away from him. Lopmon raising its hand.

“Blazing Ice!”

Impmon lifted its hand.

“Pillars of Fire.”

A wall of flames blocked the ice from us. I sighed.

“If this is boring me I can’t even imagine what Laylamon must feel. Impmon I am ending this.”

Impmon nodded. It rushed through the flames towards Lopmon.

“Machine Gun Kick.”

I ignored the pummeling of kicks Impmon was giving Lopmon and walked towards Goro.

He was completely ignoring me! He was shouting at Lopmon! What a dumb unqualified opponent. When I got to him, I kicked him hard in the stomach, so he fell down. Goro looking up at me shocked. Well, since I was pandering for information anyways….

“You know, lump. I was hoping for a little more than this. This is really disappointing.”

I kicked him hard in the side.

“Laylamon is watching you know. Can’t you be more entertaining?”

I kicked him once again. Goro coughing as he rolled away from me. I walked back towards him when I saw Lopmon being kicked over by his side. Impmon running to stand next to me. I sighed. This was really sad. I turned to Lopmon.

“Lopmon, do you remember what I said last night?”

Lopmon nodded slowly.

“Well, do you want to ask for help? Just because you accidentally ended up next to a lump doesn’t mean you have to be stuck to him?”

Goro started to cough as he struggled to stand up.

“What do you think you’re doing! Lopmon is my property!”

I narrowed my eyes.

“I wasn’t talking to you lump.”

Goro started to shout as he turned to Laylamon.


Laylamon simply turned her head. Goro seemed to be growing furious. I looked at Lopmon and reached forward to pat its head. When it flinched I paused for a moment before continuing. It looked so stunned at the gently touch.

“Why don’t you stand over here, okay?”

Lopmon looked confused. Goro pulled LOpmon back by its ears.

“You aren’t going anywhere Lopmon.”

I sighed and kicked Goro away again.

“You really don’t have any manners, lump.”

I looked down at Impmon.


Impmon lifted its hand.

“Bada Boom.”

I watched the flames of darkness head straight for him. Goro put up his arms to cover himself, but ended up screaming. I watched as all of a sudden he started to fade away into numbers. He seemed to be panicking.

“What is going on! What is happening to me!”

I couldn’t help, but sigh.

“What did you think was going to happen? This isn’t a game.”

Goro started to scream and roll around. I turned away from him and bowed towards Laylamon.

“My apologies. I hadn’t expected him to be this loud.”

Laylamon simply shrugged and looked at Lopmon.

“Tiny digimon. Do you intend to follow the lump into the grave?”

I reached out my hand to Lopmon. It already looked as if it was becoming translucent.

“Come on, Lopmon.”

The lower half of Goro was already gone. The upper half of him reaching out towards Lopmon.


Lopmon started to shiver in fear. Impmon shocking me by stepping in front of Lopmon. Of course, he was sticking his tongue out at the fading Goro.

“Lopmon is MY new servant. Just fade away already, lump.”

Well, I will give him half points this time. Lopmon looked up at me.

“I don’t have to fade away?”

I shook my head no and reached father forward. Lopmon took a deep breath and jumped completely into my arms. Impmon seemed a little jealous.

“Then I choose Leemon!”

Goro screamed. The last of the data fading away into nothing. When it was over Laylamon cracked up laughing.

“And now we have twelve champions.”

<< Lopmon has been added as a partner. Information on Lopmon and Laylamon has been added. Data from Goro’s D-Vice has been uploaded. >>

I took a deep breath and looked at Laylamon.

“Laylamon. Since arriving here in the digital realm I haven’t been told anything. I just woke up next to Impmon. Why are you calling me a champion?”

Laylamon smiled. She had a really pretty smile.

“Thirteen humans have been selected to come to the digital world. You thirteen are the champions selected to fix the current crisis the digital realm is facing.”

I looked at her confused.

“How is us competing with each other fixing a crisis?”

Laylamon reached forward and a tall skeleton like digimon appeared. It handed her a wine glass before disappearing again.

“It was said that only the strongest of the champions would be able to solve the problem.”

I nodded my head. She either didn’t know much, or was somehow banned from telling me. The answers were too vague.

“I see. Thank you for the introduction and the guidance.”

Laylamon took a sip and smiled.

“Don’t you want to know anything else?”

I eagerly nodded my head.

“Anything you could tell me I would be grateful for.”

Laylamon twirled her wine glass for a moment. I waited for her to come to an answer.

“Alright. Since the digimon underneath me have spoken very well of you. I shall tell you this. There have been champions called here in the past to solve one problem or another. Normally, the situation called for what you people call ‘teamwork’. However, as I said before. Only the strongest of you can solve the current problem. This being said all the different ‘teamwork’ options have now opened up to be of single champion use.”

I mulled that over for a moment. SHE MUST BE BANNED TO BE SO VAGUE.

“In other words, where previously there was many of one type there now exists many of many types?”

Laylamon laughed.

“Oh, I got a smart one! Lucky me. That is exactly the right answer.”

I nodded my head.

“Alright. I guess I am supposed to figure out that I have to explore the different Areas and find more power.”

Laylamon cracked up laughing.

“I really like you. That is right as well!”

She reached into her pocket and pulled out what looked like a black trading card and a round egg.

“The lump was correct in assuming that I had the option of bestowing you two each with a power. But the lump is gone now so you may as well take its free gift.”

I walked forward and collected them.

<< Digi-Modify Card: Laylamon’s Darkness Love added. Digi-Egg of Vanity added. >>

The two gifts disappearing from sight. Whatever she handed to me it had to be important.

“Thank you for all of your help, Laylamon. I hope the other digimon I meet are as wonderful as you.”

Laylamon laughed. She seemed to do that a lot.

“Good luck, Champion. Unless I meet someone better I am rooting for you.”

She turned to Opossummon.

“Make sure she has what she needs on the way out.”

Opossummon nodded.

“As you desire, Laylamon.”

I looked down at Impmon. He didn’t seem to like the idea, but he bowed his head. Lopmon quickly followed him.

Laylamon smiled.

“What well mannered children. Be sure to raise them well.”

I nodded my head.

“On your honor, I will.”

Ah. I was getting so good at pandering. Although, it’s not that hard. Laylamon was the simple type. She was vain.

We followed Opossummon and Wizardmon outside the castle. Opossummon sighed in relief once we were outside.

“I really thought you would die in there.”

Thanks. Thanks a lot. Wizardmon pat its shoulder.

“Can you not brag when I am feeling down, Opossummon.”

So this was Opossummon’s bragging?

“Wizardmon, didn’t you think at all about correcting that brats behavior?”

Wizardmon sighed loudily.

“I tried.”

Opossummon shook its head.

“If it was me I would of chopped off a limb or too. Then he would of listened.”

  1. I see you looking at me Opossummon! I laughed nervously.

“Well, manners are important…”

I tuned to see the same skeletal thing walking over to us. It seemed to hand me a back pack.

“Laylamon said you would need this on your journey.”

I smiled.

“Thank you…”


“Thank you, IceDevimon.”

It nodded and walked away. Well… It was a shy one. I turned to Opossummon and Wizardmon.

“Thank you for everything, Opossummon. And you Wizardmon, thank you also. I’m glad to have met you both.”

Was that a faint blush on Wizardmon! Will I have successfully captured another ally! Opossummon turned its head on me.

“Hurry up and leave already. If you don’t do at least a little bit well you will be a problem for Laylamon.”

I nodded my head and bowed to them. Wizardmon looked shocked…So did Impmon.

“I’m leaving now. Take care.”

I quickly turned around and ran down the hill.

Lopmon and Impmon were running after me.

<< Laylamon’s castle has been added as an ally location. Wizardmon has been added to your army. Laylamon has been added as an ally. Information on Kokomon, Bakemon and IceDevimon has been added. >>


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