Prologue : You Have Been Chosen

“You have been chosen.”

I looked around the room. It was almost completely dark. Except there shined thirteen lights. All I could see was the shape or shadow of a person, some round thing by their feet and a different colored door.

“You thirteen all have a wish you want granted. Fight till the last one remains and yours will be the one granted.”

Eh. Fight. Was this some forced kidnapping scenario. I mean how did I even get here. Still, even as the voice talked I couldn’t hear anyone else. I could see their shadows moving though. The three that didn’t really move were the ones I found interesting.

“Beside you are your digimon. Your digital partner. Once you cross that door you will be in the digital realm. There you will find many different ways to power up or evolve your digimon. Hopefully, you will take advantage of that.”

I looked down at my own feet. There was a grey blob with pointy ears staring up at me. It had a stupid grin on its face. I couldn’t help, but smirk as I picked it up. Seems like I can’t hear it yet either.

“Now, go. Your destiny awaits.”

Okay voice in the sky. That is a little too dramatic. I opened my dark purple door and walked through. Might as well see what’s going to happen.

I immediately found myself standing in a forest. I don’t know if the gnarled trees or the night sky were darker.

“Hey! You! Let me go right this instant!”

I blinked a few times and looked down. Ah…..It was the little chibi. You could almost see the steam coming from its purple head.

“Did you hear me! Let me down! I am the great Yaamon! You have to listen to me!”

I cracked up laughing.

“Yaamon, huh. Nice to meet you.”

It started to thrash in my arms. I couldn’t help it I had to just hold it tighter.

“You! You! You!…… WHAT ARE YOU CALLED!”

I started to walk into the forest. Chuckling softly at Yaamon’s temper.


Yaamon had an even cockier smile.

“Leemon? Never heard of you! So you have to listen to me! Your Hear me!”

I continued looking around the forest. Every once in awhile there would be a lantern hung up at a top of a tree so there was light. It served as a great guide.

“It’s just Lee. I’m not a digimon.”

Yaamon stopped thrashing in my hands.

“Whaaaat! How are you not a digimon! What are you then…”

I saw a brighter glow in the distance. If the voice was going to kill me it probably would have done it by now. Besides, it wanted us to kill each other.

“Human. Hey, Yaamon do you know what that is over there?”

Yaamon turned to look at the light.

“No idea what it is. Tell me what a Humanmon is!”

“Not Humanmon…human. Yaamon you need to listen better.”

Yaamon started thrashing again. I just ignored it. As I got closer to the light I saw a tiny town that looked right out of some Halloween themed park. All sorts of… digimon were scuttling about the place. Quite a few of them had pumpkins for heads. It was surprisingly cute. I waited until the largest pumpkin head noticed me. It quickly rushing over.

“A traveler! To our part of Area 11! Come in, come in. Are you cold? Hungry?”

So this is what they meant by uncomfortable niceness. Yaamon seemed happy though.

“Of course, I am hungry! Bring out your best dishes!”

I hit him on the head.

“Yaamon. You can’t behave like that. I need to add teaching you manners on my list.”

The yellow light from the pumpkin’s face glowed brighter.

“Yaamon! What are you doing out here? All the Yaamon are residents in Area 11’s capital. “

It turned to look up at me smiling again.

“I told you Leemon. I am important! The great Yaamon!”

I nodded my head.

“Sure. Anyways…You are?”

The pumpkin took a bow.

“I am Pumpkinmon.”

I suppressed my laughter. Isn’t that name too obvious?

“I see. Pumpkinmon, do you mind telling us where we are?”

It glowed even brighter.

“Oh my! Are you lost? How unusual.”

I tiled my head.

“It is?”

It nodded his head.

“This is the outskirts of Area 11, right before the gate to Area 12.”

I couldn’t help, but frown.

“Pumpkinmon, I don’t understand what that means.”

Ah, it got brighter again. He looked shocked. Suddenly, smaller versions of pumpkinmon ran over with a Blackboard! What where did that come from!? He quickly drew a basic map of a squarish oval. Inside of it were twelve circles.

“We are Area 11. Over here.”

“So… That means?”

Yaamon smiled proudly.

“It means we are in Area 11! Leemon don’t you get it.”

I hit his head again.

“I’m sorry, Pumpkinmon. I just don’t understand this at all.”

Pumpkinmon looked confused for a moment before he hit his fist against his flat hand. It got it.

“You must be digimon from the outside zone! No wonder you don’t know. How rare. I didn’t know any were left.”

“The outside zone?”

It nodded its head and drew a line to the parts of square oval where no circle was.

“These parts are the edges of the digital realm. They have been closing in and fading for quite sometime now. So, the digimon were all moved away in Areas run by strong digimon. This is Area 11. Laylamon runs this Area.”

Yaamon smiled proudly again.

“See Leemon. We are in Laylamon’s Area.”

Ah, I couldn’t help it. I hit it on the head. Yaamon doesn’t know much of anything. Some partner he was.

“Laylamon must be pretty powerful. It seems like the edge is almost completely touching here.”

Pumpkinmon nodded his head immediately.

“Most of the strong digimon chose Areas in the center, the farthest away. Not Laylamon! She chose to protect the edges, so digimon like us had somewhere to live.”

I nodded my head again.

“She’s completely different than Yaamon.”

Yaamon started to thrash in my arms again.

“Hey you! Leemon! I am the great and powerful Yaamon! Do you hear me! The great and powerful Yaamon!”

I ignored it. Another Pumpkinmon was bringing over a plate of food; while, the one besides it was bringing over what looked like juice.

“Here. Try our village’s specialty Pumpkin Juice and Veggie Pasta.”

I had to cover my mouth not to crack up laughing. What did they squeeze themselves? Ah, nevermind. I took a bite of the food and took a sip of the juice. It was delicious.

“Delicious. No wonder it’s a specialty. Here, Yaamon try some.”

I shoved the fork in its mouth before it could complain. It blushed.

“Ah, well. It’s not the worst thing I have tasted. It is passable. BUT ONLY PASSABLE.”

I pat Yaamon’s head. I have to suppress the laughter from its flinching. Suppress. I failed. Yaamon thrashing again as the Pumpkinmon laughed too. All of them getting quiet when they heard a noise. I turned around to look at the bush they were staring at. A slightly round purple top could be seen above the bush line. The bigger Pumpkinmon was handed an axe. Ah, how intimidating.

“Come on out Mushroomon!”

Suppress. Suppress the laughter. Three Mushroommon came out of the woods. The one in front cracked up laughing.

“Today’s the day, Pumpkinmon! This village will soon belong to us, Mushroommon!”

Ah. It was getting so hard to not laugh. I looked over at Pumpkinmon.

“Why do they want this village?”

Mushroommon shout was worse than Yaamon’s.

“Because it should be ours!”

I ignored it and looked at Pumpkinmon.

“Mushroommon’s village is closer to the edge than ours.”

Okay. Caught up. I looked down at Yaamon.

“Yaamon, help the Pumpkinmon.”

Yaamon smiled.

“Are you finally going to admit to my awesome and terrible powers?”

I shook my head no.

“You have to repay them for their kindness. They gave you food.”

Yaamon shook its head no.

“Then I won’t!”

I smiled at it and Yaamon started to look nervous.


I threw Yaamon directly at the Mushroommon. Yaamon rolling off of it as that one fell to the ground. They all looked at me shocked.

“Well, Mushroommon. Do you want some more?”

They started clamoring. This was a pain.


Yaamon looked up at me annoyed.

“You threw me! The great and devilish Yaamon was thrown by a Leemon!”





“Yaamon there is a mushroom behind you.”

Yaamon rolled away just in time from the Mushroommon’s punch.

“You. You. Can’t you see we were having a conversation!”

Ah. Yaamon, that is not the point. Yaamon opened its mouth and took a deep breath in.

“Rolling Black!”

Eh? Yaamon could do more than be thrown. I watched a black ball of darkness hit one of the other Mushroommon into the one who was by the side. Yaamon was standing…sitting? Yaamon was proud in-between us and the Mushroommon.

“You see that, Leemon! Mushroommon are nowhere near as powerful as the great Yaamon. Do you see now!”

I walked over to Yaamon and picked it up.

“Nope. Try harder next time Yaamon. You don’t want to be thrown again?”

Hehe. Yaamon stopped talking.

“You hear that Mushroommon. The Great and Powerful Yaamon and I will be here if you keep trying to pick on these Pumpkinmon.”

All three of them looked at us… I don’t know perhaps anxious was the word.

“We will be back!”

“You can’t keep us away forever!”

“We will bring someone stronger with us next time!”

Ah. Cliché villains. I watched them run back into the woods. The Pumpkinmons behind me cheering.

“She did it! Leemon did it!”

“Yaamons are really powerful!”

“Thank you Leemon!”

I turned around and squeezed Yaamon harder. I felt like if I let it go Yaamon would attempt to do poses.

“There you are! I have been looking all over for you. Why weren’t you in the designated pick up spot?”

Eh. Designated pick up spot?


Eh. Why are they all kneeling? Except, Yaamon. It as usual did not have an idea what was going on.

“I’m sorry who are you?”

Opossummon jumped in shock. Why was it carrying balloons by the way?

“You don’t know who I am! How could this be?”

“You are Opossummon.”

It nodded his head.

“Right I am Opssummon.”

Yaamon grew impatient in my arms.

“Leemon…Why is this Opossummon acting like this?”

I shrugged.

“No idea, Yaamon.”

It jumped again.

“But you just said you knew who I am!”

I nodded again.

“I do. You are Oposssummon?”

It nodded its head.

“Right, I am Opossummon…HEY.”

I cracked up laughing. Digimon were funny.

“Do you know who I am? Really!”

I smiled at it.


Yaamon cracked up laughing. I couldn’t blame it. Opossummon looked very tired all of a sudden.

“I am here on Laylamon’s orders. You are one of two new residents that are meant to be welcomed in the capital. Naturally, I was sent to pick you up.”

Oh. Laylamon knew about our arrival. Does she know the voice? I suppose the other arrival was one of the shadows.

“Well, alright. I suppose I have to go now.”

The Pumpkinmon all started to panic. One of the smaller ones stepped forward to grab my sleeve.

“But what if the Mushroommon come back!”

I smiled at it. It must be a young child or something.

“Then I will come back and help you.”

It looked unsure. I patted its head. Wah, it really did feel exactly like a pumpkin. I couldn’t help, but smile.

“I will come back, okay. Your pumpkin juice and veggie pasta is too good.”

Now, it was finally smiling. A voice ringing in my head.

<< Pumpkinmon Village has been added as an ally location.  Pumpkinmon has been added to your army. Information on Pumpkinmon, Mushroommon and Opossummon has been added. >>

Okay, so now I know I have saved data somewhere. Where was it being stored? I unconsciously felt my hand go to my ear. I had a new earing. I would have to look at it in the mirror later, but it seemed to be the thing that must of have my recorded data.

“Well, come on. If we don’t hurry we will not get to the Capital by night.”

Eh. It isn’t night?

I waved goodbye to the Pumpkinmon and hurried after Opossummon.

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