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Character List –

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Luna : One of the top weavers. Luna is able to weave both good and bad dreams. She is Nova’s love interest. She is also the youngest of Mistress Elara’s three “daughters”. Her older sisters being Sol and Selene. Luna and her brother are the only two Dream Fairy administrators that do not have a white based assemble. For Luna it is because “wearing her favorite color helps her stay happy when working with nightmares”. She has an outwardly standoffish personality. However, she enjoys one on one time with her friends, helping young Dream Fairies, and spending time with Nova. Her biggest issue with Seasonal Fairies is their misunderstandings about her friends. She is officially in charge of training new Dream Fairies that are weavers and tamers. As such her official tittle is Lady Nova. However, she never uses her tittle as she is the youngest “administrator”. Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 3.35.15 PM.png

Halo : Astrid’s love interest. Very competitive tamer. His hobby is sining (Astrid has caught him singing in the shower). He doesn’t get along with his sister. He is ambivalent about seasonal fairies although outwardly treats them colder.

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Astrid : Silent character. Very competitive, especially with her brother and halo. Is a tamer. Her love interest is Halo. Her hobby is knitting.

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Kale : Twilight’s love interest. Is a molding Fairy. Leo’s Best friend. Youngest brother in the triplets.  (Relationship drama). Happy being a molding fairy and a Dream Fairy.

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Twilight “Twinkle” : Wanted to be a Light Fairy. Kale’s Love Interest. Astrid and Luna’s best friend. Always positive.

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Leo : Leo is a Beast Fairy.  Leo has an inferiority complex to his sister, Luna. However, he is still very close to his sister. He is shy and prefers to be with animals and Selene. At times he even questions why Selene likes to be with him. He is actually very close with both Mistress Elara and Lord Eos as he has the uncanny ability to walk in on them trying to walk and gather their thoughts on accident. His closest friends are Kale and Ganymede.

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Nova : Nova is the only one with two official jobs. He works both as Lord Eos’ full time aid and as the over seer of Dust. He enjoys working with dust and so he doesn’t care about being a Dream Fairy unlike many of the others. Although, Nova often wonders if he could handle weaving nightmares without his friends or Luna. He finds his brother immature and conceited.  His secret hobby is drawing. His love interest is Luna.

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Selene : Officially in charge of weavers that work with nightmares. Lady Selene. She is the middle daughter. Her secret dream was to be an animal fairy. As such she is Leo’s love interest and spends a lot of time with him and the nightmare rabbits. They are quite fond of her of calm demeanor. The twins that gave birth to sister and her were the grandchildren of the twins that gave birth to Mistress Elara and Lord Eos, so they look similar.

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Scorpio : Scorpio is a weaver. He weaves good dreams with Sol. He is officially in charge of administration communication. Scorpio makes sure everything is operating like a machine. He is very talented at all aspects of beuracrat, other then being a nice fairy. His official tittle is Lord Scorpio. His love interest is Sol. Scorpio is an elitist who believes other fairies need him to an exist and he keeps everything going. He only recognizes Mistress Elara and Lord Eos above him.

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Sol : She is a weaver fairy and Scorpio’s love interest. Sol is an elitist, but secretly wished she could of been a garden fairy. She often gets by immersing herself in others good dreams and can stare at them for hours. As such, she is very protective of the good dreams under her care. Her official job is watching over the weavers of good dreams. Her tittle is Lady Sol. She has sister issues and despises Luna. Sol believes Luna is a bad influence on her sister, just as Nova was on Scorpio when they were young. She also picks on Leo hoping he will run away from her sister. She wants her sister with a fairy like Jupiter…or even Sponde….Hell, she’d settle for Pashitee.

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Lord Eos : He is in charge of managing everything that has to do with nightmares. When he was young he saved Pixie Hollow from one of their first crises, a nightmare infection that spread amongst the fairies (including to Mistress Elara and Queen Clarion). Lord Eos was able to reign them in and weave them into good dreams. However, as a result he often has to spend more time away from working with nightmares in order to no longer be affected anymore and has been mentally aged some. As before the crisis, Lord Eos had a carefree and somewhat rebellious personality.

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Mistress Elara : (siblings with Eos), leader of the Dream Fairies. Her skill is weaving both good and bad dreams like luna and nova.Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.21.16 PM

Jupiter : be astrids brother. is a tamer. competive with his sister.

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Pandora : be closest thing to a garden fairy. The plants she grows make medicines  for seasonal fairies and sleeping powders.  also thinks to help induce dreams or nightmares. her hobby is growing poisonous flowers by her house as a reminder of to the power of dreams. as she herself struggles being around so many nightmares (she lives the farthest away from the weavers). Pandora’s love interest is Sponde.

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Io :eventually be into the alchemy I think (going to make a character name Jupiter – going to be her love interest.) before alchemy she was a dust fairy. she works with nightmare dust.

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Neptune : Dew Drop Fairy. Makes Containers for good Dreams and helps molding fairies. Follows Lillac around to watch out for her.

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Algol : Halo’s sister. She is a Dew Drop Fairy. Dew Drop Fairies are similar to water fairies except they use the water that collect on plants since no running water passes through the Dream Fairy realm. Algol does not have a good relationship with her brother as she is close friends with Sol and Scorpio. Further, she often is found picking on Twinkle for sport or looking down on Kale for being a Molding Fairy. She absolutely loathes seasonal fairies for their outlook on Dream Fairies. Algol believes the work Dream Fairies do is more important, because seasonal fairies may not exist anymore without them.

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 Pasithee : Kale’s 2nd Eldest brother. (Carefree and Childlikee) “Scout” Border Control. Popular with Female Dream Fairies.  “Secretly Also By BLANK”


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Sponde : Kale’s Eldest brother. Very Serious. Scout. Blank’s Love Interest. Although he says he has no time for love.

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Dusk : Twilight’s Twin brother. Lazy. Often sleeps most of the day. Flirts with everything. Has some talent as his sister.

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Adrastea: Also has sister issues. Is the one of the few female scout Dream Fairies. (helps out season scout fairies so has good relationship with season fairies unlike other dream fairies). Likes Blank. Secretly wishes she was a garden fairy variety like her sister.

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 Ganymede : Get’s hooked on Fairy alchemy once his sister does. he is one of the few Dream Fairies sensitive to the colder atmosphere and is always wearing a coat and is prone to sneezing. He is also close friends with Leo and Kale. IS a dust fairy. Works with regular pixie dust.

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Lilac (PISCES) : Blank’s Love interest. She is a Dew Drop Fairy and proud of it. She has a ver child like personality and is often seen dancing on top of puddles that have formed instead of working. However, fairies do not complain often as it cheers them up. BLANK takes advantage of that as she has a very manipulative side to her. She is a skilled Dew Drop Fairy and can craft the containers that can contain nightmares by herself. However, this at times can leave her conceited or in over her head in a crisis. She is crushing (*cough cough* stalking) on a Winter Fairy.

Random Dream Fairies –

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: Weaver Fairy. Weaves Good Dreams. She is a fan of Nova.


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: Another older head administrator. He is officially in charge of the Beast Fairies and all related tasks. His “child” is Leo. They have a strained relationship for how strict he is. However, he is fair and only has Leo. His other child died in the first disaster of Pixie Hollow from a nightmare. He is another always cold one. He “borrowed” some black owl feathers from the winter woods for that very reason.

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: Is a weaver of bad dreams. Friends with Nova.

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: Is the only other female scout fairy. She is very clumsy and falls often. She wears pebbles she had Kale and the other molding fairs bind together and paint black to protect her on her shins and arms. She is the best tracker and very clever. Often argues with Spode and Pashtee. I think will end up liking P. Friends with Luna.

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: Is a garden fairy. Has a crush on a garden fairy (seasonal fairy) that she “bumps” into when they come to help the flowers grow.

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: Is a melding Fairy that works right next to Kale. She often gets yelled at by their over seer to wear a cloak when working to protect herself. She doesn’t listen.  She has a crush on Kale, and so she does not like Twinkle. Although, she keeps silent about this.

Non Dream Fairies –

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: The Winter fairy Lilac has a crush on. His Sub-talent is a Frost Fairy. (It is hard making Winter Fairies on this)


*** dream fairies are mostly born from twins. As the prerequisite for them is to be born from a child who is born at the same time as another baby child related to them. ***

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