Dungeons, Monster Boys, and Heartwarming Bliss c2

Am I supposed to recount what happened now?

Simply, I was reincarnated.

Even worse, I had a boring death. There were really no exterminating circumstances to it. Now, stereotypical accident or being killed for a reason. I just simply died by an everyday sort of thing. Afterwards, I was reborn.

I never got the chance to meet any Gods. No one told me I had been killed, but I do know for sure I died. It was a vivid image stuck in my mind. Sinking into an abyss because I got run over a car. It isn’t as fast as some people think. Dying by bleeding out isn’t so peacefully when you have pain everywhere else.

I couldn’t help but feel rage as I recalled it. I knew it wasn’t supposed to be something to dwell on. Move on from the past and all of that life lesson bull shit. But I mean, it isn’t that easy. Many deep breaths later , I had finally calmed down. The anger rushing back into whatever contained it before. There was somehow still a future for me. Whatever pink haired character that was.

Somehow, after all of that, I ended up intact and unconscious in this throne room. To no point out any context on why I thought so, it sort of reminded me of a villain’s boss room from a video game. It was just long and thing enough to make the room’s whole point seem like challenging the object on the throne. While, the room could be said to be regal the feeling it gave off really wasn’t.

I mean the clean simply stone painted walls and metal lined accents and pillars weren’t very…. and the dark red banners and carpets also weren’t very…. And there were no windows! This had to be some evil king’s or demon lord’s throne room.

Taking a deep breath I stood up again after who know show long. It was easier than I remembered. Walking around the massive black metal throne I noticed a sphere rainbow jewel a little smaller than a basketball glowing.


I tried to turn around and walk away but some force guided my arm to the jewel. My hand touching it and pain running through my body.


I fell to my knees and clutched my head. It was like having my mind dug through with a spoon. Tears fell from my eyes and my vision went haywire. Was this what surgery was like without any anesthetic? The longest thirty seconds of my life coming to an end.


Clutching my chest as I stood up I recited the implanted words in my head. As I had feared, a transparent glass like game status screen appeared before me. Familiar words like Status, DP Catologue, Dungeon and Gatcha appeared before me. They even reproduced the gambling habit of my nightmares.


I clicked the Status option.

“…..so I’m no longer human…”

Apparently, I was now an Arch Demon.


Brand New Life – Colton Dixon


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