Dungeons, Monster Boys, and Heartwarming Bliss c3

Name: Ame

Race: Arch Demon

Class: Demon Lord

Level: 1

HP: 2100/2100

MP: 6700/6700

Strength: 651

Resistance: 678

Agility: 556

Magic: 901

Dexterity: 1150

Luck: 89

Skill Points: 5

Unique Skills

Magic Eye



Item Box

Analyze Lv. 1


Demon Lord from Another World

DP: 1000

Yep… There it was. DEMON LORD. I suppose I should be grateful it was not the singular demon lord setting. Here it was the ‘manager of the plot of land known as dungeon’ job tittle.

My surname disappeared completely and my name was shortened. It seemed even more feminine, somehow. Nothing else I guess seemed out of place when I had no standard to compare it to? I couldn’t tell if my luck was low or high. Since I died due to an accident shouldn’t I consider that low then? Also, I was a really slow runner back on Earth so how is my dexterity higher than my strength and resistance?

I clicked on the Skills section. Analyze, Item Box and Translation are all pretty self explanatory skills. I guess the only important note is that like anything else they will get better as I level them up.

There there was Mana Eye. The skill responsible for my magical girl looking eyes. Race skill or not, why was the price odd eyes for visualizing an opponent’s mana!

Skill Points…. The same structure as any game. How much I need to dump into something to level up. Including myself now.

Demon Lord of Another World is so obvious I refuse to think anything else about it. Thanks for reconfirming this horror production I was reconstructed in tittle.

Groaning, I switched over to the DP Catalogue. It would probably be more fun.

I was right. The amount of things I could switch DP for was beyond expectations. There was fantasy swords, shields and armors. Daily life items like tooth brushes, kitchen ware or food was also available. If you had enough DP you could buy a video game- that’s pretty ironic. Making Earth world goods more expensive only seemed to highlight that.

I switched over to the Gatcha. Basic 100DP, 1000DP, 10000DP, and 100000DP set up. Everything up to chance. It was an evil addicting system.

Immediately I switched over to Dungeon. Basic options like Dungeon layers, expansion, monster summoning and so on were available. Any small details didn’t really matter it.

What mattered was the fact that Dungeons are living beings.

They are born in places where this world’ s exclusive Magical Essences is large. Newborn Dungeons are so weak that it isn’t really that hard to crush them in an instant.

Greedy humans, as always, enjoy crushing the newborn dungeons for their cores. While, the world’s monsters are drawn to the enormous mana inside the jewel and also try to kill the dungeon. Basically, when a dungeon is born everything around it tries to kill it.

The dungeon tries to use a mutualistic relationship with a summoned ‘manager’ in order to increase its survival rate. Us summoned managers are the Demon Lords meant to protect them.

It doesn’t seem to work very well most times since those other dungeons mostly had thinner magic essences. Thus, they had to pull in ‘managers’ from the surrounding area instead of a powerful being or otherworlder like me.

This dungeon must have viewed me as a better option for a manager and used its thicker magic essence to drag me here.


Me looking like this was also its fault. Being reincarnated into an Arch Demon was simply due to a self defense mechanism of Demon > Human. It wanted to increase its survival rate even further.

Although, a soul had to be suitable for it… Which, well, I mean…. Let’s just not get into this part of it.

To sum it all up again, everything so far was THIS SHITTY DUNGEONS FAULT.

Alright, I will say that a smidgen of it I am grateful for. If I HAVE TO be here having some powers isn’t a bad thing. With all the knowledge planted into my brain I am very aware of the increase of disasters around me.Tons of monsters, wars, plagues and stupid demon lords existed. They killed so many humans that now humans were anti-demon lord in general.

“Fucking idiotic bastards, the lot of them.”

If I had to be reincarnated into this world having these sort of powers and knowledge was a huge boon. I mean I wanted to at least survive longer than I had on Earth.

I couldn’t help but glare at the jewel that made me go through all of this new intense pain.

“You are shitty and annoying… But I can’t fault you for trying to survive.”

I walked over and pat the jewel sighing. “I guess we are in this together.”

If the dungeon power influences the demon lords survival then if the dungeon falls apart so will I. It’s resources are given to me to use and if in turn I die it loses its resources.

We share the same life now.

“What a troublesome world, partner.”

My eyes drifted to look at how much my second heart shined. It really wanted to survive. I guess I can’t help but survive with it.


Dungeon Maker Game

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