Dungeons, Monster Boys, and Heartwarming Bliss c4

The next day:

I think I slept longer than I ever have before. It felt like 12+ hours of wasted time in dreamy bliss. The futon I bought was quickly tucked away into my item box. The DP Catalogue was opened again to hunt for breakfast ingredients.

I will say it was cool seeing a vacuum open in thin air. The idea of just pushing a futon into a crack into a void was awesome but seeing it was a whole different thing. Item boxes are sort of cool. I had a list of items in my head that I could literally pull out of thin air.

Also, in reality, Status Menues are more convenient than you would think. They even had the date and time on the upper right hand corner.

“Thanks for making it like a game, partner.”

I decided to order an omelet for (30 DP) and a cup of grapefruit juice for (15 DP). Since we had no chairs I had to eat breakfast on the throne.

The problem was…I had a problem. How do I properly conserve DP. There was only an initial amount of 1000. It has already begun decreasing. THIS IS MY LIFE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT.

As far as I knew there were four ways to get DP:

  • Having monsters other than the ones I made inside the dungeon (The stronger the monster, the more DP)
  • Killing intruders in the dungeon. (The stronger the invader, the more DP)
  • Absorbing a body or something which could be food inside the dungeon (More DP depending on the thing)
  • Natural recovery (Recovers naturally from the dungeon surroundings)

Basically, DP seems to depend on the invader in most cases. How ironic of a relationship the dungeon has with its guests: summons demon lord to save it from invaders but needs invaders to have its demon lord and itself survive. This really was a world of survival of the fittest. Since it’s a living thing even this jewel couldn’t escape from that.

However, there was a tiny almost insignificant blessing- natural recovery. At the moment it was one DP every three hours. I couldn’t rely on it but who knows in the future.

I couldn’t help but sigh.

Even with all of this new information painfully forced into my head there was still a severe lack of information. How are the current dungeons and demon lords perceived? How do they operate, function and maintain themselves? What is the current geography like? Are there many countries, a few countries, highly developed countries or feudalistic countries?

It’s sort of like how not knowing the demand means you won’t know the supply.

Right? That was something we learned in our forced intro to economics class? Right?

But even then, this may just be knowledge my partner forced on me. This new encyclopedia in my brain that exists a large collection of burdening nonsense and minute details- mostly focusing on information pertinent towards invaders.

Basically, he- she?- was scared of all the bad things that could come and kill us.


I stood up slowly and stretched. For now, the only immediate need to confirm is what is outside this heavy looking metal door.

“I wonder if your worry is mixing with my curiosity.”

Taking a deep breath I walked toward the door. Pulling it open was easier than I thought.

“…A cave, eh? How boring.”

What resembled glowing rocks or unclear crystals hung like sharp edges above my head. Somehow, light seemed to filter from the ceiling even though there was no cracks to the sky. The cave must of been magically illuminated.

Pools and puddles of water gathered here and there as I walked down on the path to what I assumed to be an exit. Some of the pools looked as if they were sparkling, reflecting colored lights off of translucent water.

“This is quite a sight.”

I don’t think this is technically part of my dungeon. It seems more like my solo throne room is all my dungeon is at the moment. This cave must have existed before. However, if it did why was there no living creatures?

“Hey, did you kill them all?”

A smallish entrance/exit came into view.

“It’s not even proper sized?”

Even the short me had to duck down to get out. What a shock it was to exit a cool cave into a very hot and humid environment. The beautiful darkness replaced by intense sunlight. My immediate reaction to run back through the hole and hide.

Instead, I raised my hand to cover my eyes and squinted to see if I could see anything.

“So, I’m on a mountain?”

I could easily tell I was high up. The view around me was closer to the sky then the dust and clay below. It seems I was located in a rock mountain that existed, somehow, in the middle of a large canyon. Reminiscent to the one made by the river in my old home country.

Climbing up to move around horizontally a bit I confirmed my suspicions.

“There is no way I know how to hike this place.”

I couldn’t naturally see the end of the canyon or the mountain I was on. However, I could hear that close by the sound of water was breaking through the silence of this canyon.

I sat down outside to watch the sunset. If it was like the canyon I saw back then it should be pretty spectacular.  It was even more beautiful than I could of imagined.

As the explosions of a colors drifted down towards the clay rock walls a beautiful red glow emitted from the rocks. A soft hum emitted from them as if the canyon was suddenly singing. I could even swear that the wind picked up as if to carry the tune farther into the canyon.

And even when the humming stopped and the glow faded, the night sky was the most beautiful sight to behold. It was like looking at the universe hanging above me. Colored lights similar to those produced by magnetic interactions and bright stars I’ve never seen before danced over the canyon.

For a place that seemed to have no life it held unimaginable colors and songs.

“Can you see this partner? It’s beautiful. Your home is a wonder.”

I wonder in this mystical world if  I could one day fly within those colors. Dancing within the wind and being part of this new unimaginable song.

Closing my eyes, I direct this rush if energy towards my back. I had been worried that these wings would be so uncomfortable I’d never be able to sleep, but ,thankfully, I was wrong. My body was convenient enough to circle power I didn’t understand to control parts of it.

I took a step towards the edge of the small almost cliff in front of me. What could I be sure about in this new geography of mine. It seemed I could almost be halfway up this large rock mountain. It seemed to be the only large thing splitting the clay soil of the canyon to challenge the walls and the sky. Even with my new senses there was no life that I could sense around me. This beautiful place was empty and alone.

“Am I here to fix that?”

I looked up above me. The reason I walked out was to ascertain my geography. Since I seemed to see well even in the dark there wasn’t an excuse to not see if I could go a little higher.

“Maybe I’ll be able to see life in the distance?”

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Am I Alone – Bobby Bucher


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