Dungeons, Monster Boys, and Heartwarming Bliss c5

Analyze is way more convenient than one can imagine. Even at such a low level I could see what was around me.

Clay Soil: Useful for construction, holistic remedies, and enduring foliage.

Canyon Rocks: Ability to hold unique Mana.

To think concentrating on the rocks around me could be so interesting. The effects of Analyze could not be underestimated! It’s enough to tempt me to see if I should become and Analyze specialist.

Monkshood: A deadly poisonous flower known for its looks.

“Ah! Why are beautiful things always so dangerous!”

My eyes turned to look at the canyon for a moment. Was the lifelessness due to possible danger? Everything, I used Analyze so far was some sort of toxic related or Mana related item.

“Fantasy worlds are dangerous…”

At least exploring around a bit has given me access to a Menu option called Map. I doubt my complete lack of directional ability was magically fixed in this life. Best news of the day so far was that it seemed to complete itself.

“Yahoo! No work for me.”

The Map even seemed to have the ability to sense enemies to the dungeon and it was up-gradable. However, since there was no life signs in this area it was hard to see what her dungeon was so worried about. Since I didn’t have enough DP for it anyways I didn’t have to think about it for now.

I had almost reached the peak when I noticed another cave opening. It seemed dark with a faint light emanating from it, but there wasn’t any signs of life. My curiosity got the best of me and I entered the cave. The hallway seemed to be lit by glowing rocks crudely shoved into the wall.

“Seems to be circular.”

At the end of the hallway was an area that was stock full of random items. The second I attempted to use Analyze a strong headache occurred. There was just too much information even at Lv.1 to process.

“Did I somehow strike gold?”

A sudden sound had me turn around. Out of the dark corner emerged a giant black shadow. The sound of claws scraping against rock could be heard even if no proper form could be yet understood. The sight of giant curled up wings came into view. Ominous red and purple light reflected off of black scales.\

Aaaaaaah, MAP!

I found myself falling back on my butt at the immense pressure that seemed to weight down on me. Shining red eyes finally appeared as a dragon turned to face me.

“Isn’t this too much of a challenge!”

Name: Heka

Race: Ancient Dragon

Class: Magical Emperor Dragon

Level: 900

Title: Sovereign of Magic Dragon


How could you have me reborn only to have my first encounter with a living being be a Lv.900 Ancient Dragon! This world made it clear from the start that it was cruel and unfair but even a shitty video game didn’t start with a dragon that had the class Magical Emperor Dragon/

I’m Lv.1!

Okay, you need to calm down. That’s all you can do right now, right? You have to calm down so you can see if you and your partner can survive? Take deep breaths and calm down, Ame. I tried to use Analyze on the dragon. The only information I got was its tittle.


Sovereign of Magic Dragon: The strongest magical user in this world. Fourth strongest of the Dragon Race. Immense adjustment to Magical Authority, World Research, World Attunement and Magical King’s Dominion.


This shithead was the reason there were no living creatures in the area and probably the reason the dungeon summoned me in the first place! Unless is was those three other dragons who wouldn’t run away from this place! There was no way to earn DP because of this shithead. The dragon finally opening its mouth.

“How did such a baby of a Demon manage to survive the canyon?”


“Aah, I don’t know actually. Is this place that dangerous?”

Ame, you need to keep him talking. Deep breaths. The dragon tilted his head curiously.

“You’re telling me you just somehow stumbled on this place.”

I looked down awkwardly and touched my fingertips together.

“Actually, this is a little embarrassing but I was just born yesterday.”

His eyes narrowed.

“So that’s why you’re a LV. 1 Dungeon Master.”

I couldn’t help but look at him shocked. What I perceived to be a smirk appeared on his mug.

“How amusing to be surprised. Surely even at Lv.1 your Analyze should reveal my stats.”

I quickly nodded my head.

“That’s true, but I don’t really know what they mean?”

That was definitely a cocky smile on his face!

“I suppose I should forgive the mistakes of a baby.”

I crossed my arms in frustration. There may be a bit of an impulsive side to me.

“You don’t need to say it like that.”

Heka seemed to just tilt his head in amusement.

“Aren’t you too young for pride. Especially, when you could die at any moment.”

Ah, that’s it!

“What did I do to deserve to die! It’s not like I took anything of yours! I only stumbled into this place on accident! I’ll just leave and never see such a rude dragon again!”

Heka seemed to crack up laughing.

“Leave? When you entered my territory I get the right to decide your fate… and right now you are only alive because I need a new research subject.”

I swallowed down my frustrations and looked at him with narrowed eyes.

“What sort of research subject could I possibly be? As you said, I am a b-a-b-y.”

The dragon walked closer to me with a large smile.

“I’ve destroyed countless dungeons in order to try and see all the secrets the hold. However, it’s not like I’ve ever had the opportunity to be one. But a newly born Demon Lord like you… That’s an interesting chance to research it all from the start.”

I couldn’t help but ruffle my hair in frustration.

“I’m not going to be your pet!”

Heka seemed to walk even closer to me.

“You don’t really have a choice in the matter.”

I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Of course, I do. I could just kill myself.”

The dragon laughed once again.

“Don’t you think by telling me you’ve ruined your plan? I can just make that impossible for you.”

Irritated, I started to pace in front of the amused dragon trying to come up with ideas. An odd one appearing in my head.

“Fine, I have a proposal.”

Heka didn’t speak so I continued.

“Since I’m probably going to live a long life and you certainly seem to be able too why don’t we just become research partners? I need to learn things anyways.”

He simply chuckled.

“How is that any different than a pet?”

I raised my finger upwards as if I was entering teaching mode.

“A partner sees each other on an equal playing field. Both accept the others desire to learn. We would be striving for a harmonious rivalry towards research.Plus…”

Heka leaned in closer.

“Being partners would be much less lonely. Since you are alone up here you’ve probably been pretty lonely? And if I survive that won’t fix things for you and I’ll just end up lonely as well.”

The dragon’s tail lashed forward. Yet with all that speed it seemed to simply scratch its chin.

“In other words you strive to become both my companion and equal in the field of research?”

I very quickly nodded my head.

“It has been awhile since I’ve had any challenge.”

I spread my arms around the room.

“Besides, with DP many things can be accomplished. We can make an environment to live in that surpasses this by far. Make some supreme den and research lab.”

At the notion of a supreme research lab the dragon’s eyes seemed to sparkle.

“Very well. Until I become bored I may as well accept this proposal of yours.”

I nodded my head in joy.

“Well then, let’s go ahead and move what ever you want to bring to the dungeon and begin our cooperation.”

The dragon went to move when I suddenly remembered something.

“Ah, wait!”

Heka turned back around to look at me.

“Do you want these items so badly?”

I looked at him confused.

“No? I just realized you won’t fit in my dungeon at the moment. Can you change your shape at all?”

Red light sparkled around the dragon and the form of an incredibly handsome long black-haired man appeared. HE WAS NAKED. I quickly turned around. I could hear laughter.

“Is my bare form too much for you? My black hair that reflects the stars and magical scarlet eyes.”

I found myself stuttering.

“J-just put some clothes on!”


I heard the sound of human footsteps walking away. Then came the shuffling of items. After a few minutes I turned around. He was now wearing a magician’s robe. Taking a deep breath I now took the chance to look at him.

“You’re right. You are pretty handsome like that.”

Heka just walked over to me and smirked.

“Careful, Ame. You can’t be a good research partner if you fall for my charms.”

I rolled my eyes at him. Those obsidian like horns and slim black tail were not that attractive!


Dragon Song – Final Fantasy


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