Dungeons, Monster Boys, and Heartwarming Bliss c6

“I wonder if all dungeons start like this?”

Heka had been looking up and down quite frantically trying to absorb all the information I could.

I sort of felt bad for the research nut and explained everything I knew since the happening of my birth. He seemed strangely over enthralled by the information. By the time we reached the throne room his eyes were sparkling like a child’s.

“So the throne room’s start out with this level of detail.”

I nodded my head.

“It is the core of the dungeon.”

Heka ran past me and the throne to look at the dungeon’s core.

“I wonder how much information can be extracted from the jewel.”

I couldn’t help but rush towards him.

“Please don’t harm my jewel and accidentally kill me!”

He turned around smug.

“Do you think I am that naive? I would never accidentally break a dungeon core. Besides, why would I break such a precious jewel.”

“Such a precious jewel? Aren’t all dungeon core’s like this?”

Heka immediately shook his head frustrated.

“There’s no way. Firstly, this canyon posses a strange density in magical density. Which probably influence the level of the dungeon. It used this unusual energy to summon a being instead of drawing one in. It probably was aware as an instinct that no one would be able to approach this place. Besides, Arch Demons like you aren’t normally created in such a manner or possess such high skills at Lv.1.”

I nodded my head in understanding.

“The canyon did seem a little weird.”

Heka nodded his head.

“This canyon indeed has its peculiarities. It’s the perfect home for a study on magic. However, that can be a catch up lesson for another day.”

Sighing, I walked away from him and sat down on my throne. It wasn’t exactly uncomfortable but it really wasn’t comfortable.

“Then what do you want to do?”

He turned around excited.

“Summon something!”

I opened my Menu. The dragon rushing over to me.

“What’s this.”

He leaned forward to touch it but his hands went through thin air. I wagged my finger in the air.

“This is my personal Menu. Every Demon Lord’s seems to be a bit different. Mine looks like this and currently has these options.”

Heka nodded his head vigorously.

“So! Go on and summon something.”

Ah, maybe he really was a child.

“Okay so, it seems like we have these things call dungeon points or DP. Based on the amount gathered depends on what we can summon. Since I am newly born and there seems to be no living creatures around here I can earn DP from this is all I have. I can show you the process but what will be summoned won’t be that interesting.”

He nodded his head in understanding.

“All right. Tomorrow I’ll go out and bring you material for DP.”


I smiled at his eager smile and clicked on what I wanted to summon, two bowls of Mac & Cheese and a side shake for a total of 100 DP.

“So you can even make food with it?”

Something inside me felt as if it was okay to do this so I went ahead and flicked him on the forehead.

“Eat. I summoned some pretty delicious food there for you to try.”

Heka snorted as if unimpressed. However, the moment he took a bite of Mac & Cheese he didn’t stop.

“How do you make this? What goes in it? IS this DP exclusive?”

When he was done I handed over his shake. Figured I’d start with classic vanilla. Once again the dragon freaked out delight. Giggling, I watched his tail swing back and forth in joy.

“By the way there’s all sorts of variations.”

Heka paused for a moment and looked up at me.

“How many variations?”

I smiled at him.

“We have to find that out too don’t we?”

Very suddenly, but just like that, a freeloading supreme dragon started living in the dungeon.

ame wear bored.PNG

YEP.37 – Status Menu Core – RPG Maker MV


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