Dungeons, Monster Boys, and Heartwarming Bliss c7

The following day:

I found myself standing in front of my room stretching. Heka was half asleep so there was no need to feel embarrassed by attempting my first summoning. When it came to dungeons I was his mentor. There was no way I was losing that tittle yet!

“Alright, let’s do this, partner.”

I opened up the Menu and clicked on Dungeon. Up till now I had been avoiding the section simply due to not wanting to mess with my dungeon yet. However, in order to summon anything I had to go through the options. Dungeon Territory Expansion seemed to catch my eye first.

I selected the rest of the cave. Hmm, the magical power of the dungeon certainly fluctuated. However, there was no visible change. I’d say the atmosphere suddenly felt wider and more comfortable to live in.

The Map had also reflected the changes. I guess since DP was so limited in my location I may as well try to claim the entire canyon has my first layer. Heka said he’d bring in DP points and if I expand enough maybe I’ll find living beings on my own.

My DP had been pretty short until recently. Heka seemed to be considered as an intruder. My DP went from under 500 to over 2000 over night.

I need to keep this from him as long as I can…

“Well, let’s get started.”

I completely ignored the expensive monsters. There was no point getting envious at the moment of things I couldn’t afford. Instead, let’s look at the cheapest options for the experiment. I clicked the fourth one from the bottom. I had closed my eyes and randomly chosen to test my luck stat.

— It was a dandelion puff?

It seemed to be some overly large puffy white plant that floated in the air. Somehow, a set of eyes could be seen through the white fluff.

“Am I secretly into cute things?”

I lifted my hands up and it floated over resting itself on my palm. It was certainly fluffy and extremely light. It even seemed to roll around my hands in the air as if pleased.

“Well, let’s call you Seishun for now.”

Name: Seishun 

Class: N/A

Race: Dandelion Puff

Level: 1

HP: 8/8

MP: 10/10

Strength: 3

Resistance: 12

Agility: 30

Mana: 15

Dexterity: 32

Luck: 120

Skill Points: 0

Skills: Luck Reduction Lv1, Luck Increase Lv1

Title: The Demon Lord’s First Underling

Besides, it’s random luck skills it was super weak. I mean a strength of 3 was just ridiculous. Maybe though seeing this whimsical thing I should be grateful that it has any strength.

A burst of laughter had my head turning.

“That’s what you summon?”


He was posing on his futon. Of course, the perverts bare chest was exposed. Why did I go through the trouble of getting him pajamas!

“Since when were you awake?”

He stood up and yawned.

“Since you said the word partner.”

Eh, that’s a little awkward. I had meant my partner. You know, my real partner? My dungeon core? Not my research partner…

“It’s a good thing I did. To think you would dare to perform experiments without me.”

Ah, time to lie.

“I was going to show you when you wake up.”

I watched Heka stretch his body. Being a totally beyond handsome twenty year old looking male was too unfair. I held Seishun up.

“Do Dandelion Puffs normally feed off mana?”

Heka, while rubbing his eyes sleepily, leaned down.

“Normally, the feed off the mana of the nature around them. However, this little guy seems to feed off the dungeon. Quite convenient I’d say.”

I looked away from the half nude pervert.

“Well at least someone is being convenient.”

He looked at me semi annoyed.

“What does that mean, partner?”

I held Seishun up proudly.

“It means Seishun can feed himself and you haven’t even gone yet to get the DP we need to feed ourselves or build a lab.”

Heka pulled his magical robe halfway over his pajamas.

“Fine, fine. You better have a great breakfast waiting for me on my return. Something equal to Mac & Cheese!”

I nodded my head and watched him walk out of the throne room. While he was gone I decided to play around with Seishun.  He was surprisingly pretty fun.

A few hours later, Heka came back dragging a pile of corpses. “Breakfast.” I handed over some orange juice and an omelet.

“Something light and healthy. We have to keep the body healthy.”

Heka was about to complain until he tasted the orange juice.

“This is pretty tasty. What is it?”

I smiled at him.

“A special fruit juice.”

He nodded his head and without looking up from his plate pointed to the pile of corpses.

“I left one alive for you to practice.”

Eh? Practice? I didn’t want to practice?

Crawling out of the pile was a large lizard like thing with broken wings.

Name: N/A

Race: Wyvern

Class: N/A

Level: 30

I think in any other circumstances I would have been really scared. However, after meeting Heka day one this Wyvern seemed like a pretty pitiful lizard. Well, it sucks though that since he’s a higher level my Analyze doesn’t tell me much.

To my surprise, Seishun floated over to me. Its eyes seemed to sparkle and little bell sounds appeared as it shook its body. Some little white puffs floated away from its body and towards the Wyvern. It coughed a bit but still seemed pretty determined.

I glanced at the now depressed looking Seishun.

“Don’t be too sad, Seishun. You’re only Lv. 1. Of course, you won’t bring its luck down much.”

The Dandelion Puff seemed a bit better but didn’t seem to want to try again. I couldn’t help but glare at the Wyvern.

“What does an overgrown lizard like you think he’s doing by making our little Seishun so upset! HUH!”

Normally, where I’m from violence isn’t condoned, but this is another world. It’s dominated by the strong and those who’ll eat the weak. There’s no reason to hold back after such a bastard dared make our little one so sad.

I raw forward and smacked its head sideways. To my shock the entire Wyvern seemed to go flying into a wall. In a matter of seconds its entire body was mangled and broken. Brains, Blood and Bones falling in a weird pattern onto the floor. K quickly cupped Seishun  into my hands so he couldn’t see.

“As I thought, you can’t control your strength.”

I turned back to look at the dragon who was resting on his hands rubbing his belly.

“Don’t you think you should of said something?”

Heka shook his head.

“Nah, we’ve always learned from experience. It’s always worked well.”

Shit head.

I turned to the mangled corpse. For some reason I was expecting myself to feel more at such a sight. I simply checked my own status.

Name: Ame

Race: Archdemon

Class: Demon Lord

Level: 12

HP: 2223/2223

MP: 7000/7000

Strength: 663

Stamina: 679

Agility: 558

Magic: 901

Dexterity: 1150

Luck: 89

Skill Points: 19

Unique Skills

Magic Eye



Item Box

Analyze Lv. 1

Martial Arts Lv. 1


Demon Lord from Another World

DP: 900

I guess the level difference must have helped?

Well, it’s not like I could excited when I have that shit head living right next to me.

“So my plan worked.”

I had the dungeon immediately swallow the corpses and released Seishun. He seemed very confused but that was better than scared.

“What plan?”

He stood up from his soothing his stomach to smile.

“To experiment on your leveling and rates of DP gain.”

I glared at him.

“No Mac & Cheese for a week.”

The mana pressure in the room increased.

“Do you really think you can tell em what to do?”

I nodded my head.

“Yea, since if you kill me you’ll never had Mac & Cheese again. Since you still don’t know how to make it.”

The mana pressure vanished very quickly as a grimace appeared on his face.

“Whether demons have brains or not they always seem to be quite annoying.”

The adorable Seishun  floating over to land on his shoulder to cheer him up.

You’re really too cute.


Acrylic Pain “Dandelion”


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