Dungeons, Monster Boys, and Heartwarming Bliss c8

I’ve finally gotten used to sitting on the throne.

It was a useless accomplishment considering I was so very bored. Heka went out everyday to collect DP. The DP collected he demanded to be used for room creation. However, we couldn’t settle an appropriate base design. So it was used for dungeon expansion into the canyon and food.

The next issue was both of us were unsure of what to summon next. Basically, neither of us could make up on our minds on anything.

He also liked to continuously make fun of me. It was frustrating to be compared to a Magical Emperor Dragon! Heka just started teaching me about mana a few days ago. Besides, even he said I had higher than average mana. The doors opened to the throne room and I sighed.

A basically small empty room had been added on the side to serve as a small house for now.

“Have you decided what to do yet?”

I could only groan. This was too tedious.

“We don’t have a steady supply of DP to make any large purchases.”

Heka, quite arrogantly, stormed right up to the throne.

“So make a monster that can contribute to the DP we bring in.”

We both avoided looking Seishun.

“What you call contributing is a ridiculously expensive creature.”

He crossed his arms to display his greater frustration at me.

“SO. We’ll just hunt more monsters the next few days to recover it.”

I wanted to hit him.

“OR, you can give up some of those meals of yours.”

Heka suddenly crossed his arms into an x shape.


“Fine, don’t complain with my choice then.”

He looked at me skeptically. I was just going to go with something random. I scrolled through the monster section I w aiming for and clicked to summon the creature. After a few moments of light disappeared a robbed dehydrated body was standing in front of us. Heka looked completely annoyed.

“You wasted the DP on a lich!”

I looked away awkwardly. Time to seem like I had a clever plan!

“Trust me. A lich is just the thing we need right now. Remember there versatility.”

Heka stopped talking for a moment.

“Fine, let’s see why you think he’s the one.”

So it’s a he?

We both turned to look at the lich who hadn’t moved since he was summoned.

Name: N/A

Race: Lich

Class: Necromancer

Level: 1

HP: 230

MP: 470

Strength: 83

Stamina: 79

Agility: 113

Magic: 432

Dexterity: 110

Luck: 97


Lesser Undead Summoning Lv.1

Lesser Undead Commanding Lv.1

Magic Mastery Lv.1

Necromancy Lv.3

Fear Lv.1

“See that’s not bad.”

Heka turned to look at me annoyed.

“How is that helpful?”

I looked at him as if I was very confident.

“Isn’t this canyon dangerous? Weren’t there people here at one time? Or challengers? The lich can raise some of them. Plus, he knows magic right? He can make the undead be our staff and he can be the first monster smart enough to organize our research and understand how precious our work is. Plus, he also doesn’t eat!”

He walked up to the lich and looked him up and down.

“You, how many undead can you feel right now that you can summon?”

The lich barely moving his jaw answered calmly.

“There are 103 lesser undead able to be risen within a consecutive seven days. However, if mana from the two masters is provided it can be shortened to one day.”

See, bull shiting works against shit heads.

I looked at him smug.

“That’s 104 new servants. 103 can take care of the random small fries; while the lich takes care of support and medium creatures. It should be enough to slightly increase our DP for now.”

Heka looked away annoyed but didn’t say anything.

“Fine, but I don’t want to smell corpses.”

I looked at lich.

“I can ensure there is no odor or rotting flesh.”

I smiled and nodded my head.

“There you see. It’s not a bad deal.”


Undead Rising – Warhammer


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