Dungeons, Monster Boys, and Heartwarming Bliss c9

I could feel my body creak as I got out of my futon. Today was another morning of Heka being a shithead about magic training. Lately, he has started comparing me to Morte- the lich we had finally named.

The shit head had the audacity to compare a newbie to a born magician. I quickly got dressed and tried to sneak out when I felt myself getting pulled by my collar back into the futon.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

I turned around to see an awake Heka.

“To water the plants?”

He looked at me annoyed.

“We don’t have any plants.”

“I have plants!”

Heka sighed.

“That rabble collection of flowers you tore from around the canyon doesn’t count as having plants water. Give up and get ready for your magic lesson.”

I make no excuses other then it was completely unfair of him to be like this. My body rolling around the covers in a pure temper tantrum. The door to our room opening as lich entered.

“Master Heka, the canyon floor has been prepared for today’s lesson.”

I felt my body being lifted up by Heka. The idiot, even in his pajamas, was able to swiftly fly us out of the cave and fall gently to the bottom of the mountain. Morte would arrive himself in a few minutes. The sun was quite intense for him. Heka had helped out and buffed all the undead.

“Now then, close your eyes and start sensing the mana around us.”

I had been having a lot of trouble sensing mana. It was probably due to the fact I came from a world without mana. At least when Heka gave me that excuse I grabbed onto it. However, I never thought he would solve the solution by throwing me to practice every morning in the canyon.

The canyon I soon found out really did have a dark side. In fact, many of them. First off there was the fact the lower you went the stronger the mana pressure became. It was like your body was being forcibly pushed down by gravity.

If you managed to handle that the wind was strong enough to to casually knock you done you then had to contend with the poisons and toxins that were being blown by all the plant life that managed to grow.

PLUS, the rocks that stored mana drew their mana from the living things around them at a pretty incredible rate. Which meant your mana was being drawn out. This is the basics of the environment the shit head had me learning in. Lucky Seishun got to be protect by a barrier inside of his coat.

After a few minutes, I had to reach out my hands for Heka. The daily routine of him transferring mana into me to stay standing began. It really did help me sense mana that first time though. After withstanding such violent bursts of energy attacking the inside of my body, of course.

Letting go of his hand, I opened my eyes and turned to the canyon walls. Distributing mana in your body was always an interesting feeling. It was like some unknown energy or water was rushing through your blood stream and delivering a comforting warmth into your bones.

Perhaps because of my surroundings I had pretty decent aptitude towards different elements. In the beginning, I only had the aptitude for wind and darkness. After some practice, however, I could move a little bit of earth. Lich even said one day soon I may be able to try a necromancy spell!

I was a bit concerned about the fact though that like the silly dragon I seemed to have much higher MP stats then everything else. Heka had said it was the result of training in the canyon. On this one, I actually had to believe him. Training under intense environments had the same result everywhere right?

“Can’t you do something more normal?”

My eyes opened to see the wind in the canyon had changed directions and split into two streams. The top stream was the same as always, but the bottom stream was completely different. In the last few days I had managed to create a softer, perfect temperature wind that even began to smell nice. It was perfect for a more relaxing atmosphere or for drying off the sweat and outdoor shower water.

“I mean… Probably, one day? Isn’t this nice though?”

After tiring myself out I moved to the outdoor water station we built. My highest aptitude was wind magic so Heka created the water after learning my spell.

It had only taken the shithead five minutes to completely learn it. He was such an unfair cheat. Lich brought over a wooden bucket I had purchased with DP. We used it to wash our hair and wipe off our bodies.

Originally, only I attempted to do this. However, after seeing me try it Heka had to. He was completely absorbed with the hair scrubbing process. Completely insisting everyday I scrub his long hair for him. I would of denied it but in return he scrubbed mine. It was pretty blissful.


Lizardman vs. Lich – Overlord II


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