1 : Second Life

Li Na was casually reading a novel when her next door neighbor and childhood friend Liu Wei came running into her room.

“Xiao Nana!”

Sighing she looked up from her book. He was always dragging her into things.

“What is it this time?”

He held up a VR headgear piece.

“I found the perfect thing to do today.”

Li Na got up from her chair and walked over to him. She took the headgear from his hand and started to examine it.

“Where did you find such an old device?”

Liu Wei smiled.

“From Wang’s Backstreet Palace.”

She immediately hit him on his head.

“How many times must I tell you not to go to such a sketchy place!”

He looked up at her from his squat position. Liu Wei rubbing his head.

“Because I found something fun for us to do!”

Li Na held up the VR headgear skeptical.

“What is so fun about this outdated device. The game is probably so O-L-D.”

Liu Wei started to rub his hands together while on his knees.

“You know Wang over charges for everything. At least try to help me get my money’s worth.”

She couldn’t help, but sigh. This childhood friend of hers was impossible. No wonder it started as their parents forcing them to be together.

“What vintage game is it anyways?”

He smiled widely as he stood up.

“Second Life. You remember, the one with all the scandals?”

Second Life…Second Life. Li Na finally nodded her head.

“Ah, the game that was shut down.”

Wait a minute. Li Na glared at Liu Wei.

“Why do you have a shutdown game?”

Liu Wei raised his finger as if he was preparing to give her a lecture.

“Recently the game has started to recirculate. Everyone is talking about it how. They say it is a market strategy to release copies slowly through the back channels first.”

She punched him on the head again.

“What sort of excuse for buying a shut down game is that!”

He fell to his knees rubbing his hands together again.

“Please, Li Na.”

Li Na wearily went to sit down in a chair.

“One chance, Wei Wei.”

Excited, he ran over to another chair. Liu Wei had managed to hide that second headgear not to badly. The two putting the headgear on and entering Second Life.


Swallowtail Butterfly – !/2 Prince


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