2 : Cinnebar

Li Na opened her eyes. A young girl in a floating chair sat waiting for her.

“What is this? Someone new finally came?”

She looked up at the character creator.

“The game is back in circulation. I’m sure many more people will come.”

The NPC seemed to be very excited by the news.

“Finally! Maybe we will get another Prince.”

Prince? Ah, Li Na didn’t care about things like that.

“How do I create my character?”

The NPC floated closer to her. She really did seem super excited.

“Just a warning before we begin. All choices are permanent here and can’t be changed.”

That actually sounded interesting to Li Na.

“Wow, how realistic for an old game.”

The NPC nodded.

“Yep. So what race do you want to be?”

Li Na watched as a varied range of races appeared before her.

“Can I see myself as an elf?”

A dignified and graceful beauty appeared. Normally, Li Na always played an elf. Looking at it now she didn’t really find a reason to be more interested. The NPC looked irked at the character.

“Those boobs are completely unfair.”

Li Na felt herself getting annoyed. They weren’t that big! It also wasn’t her fault!

“Can I see myself as an Angel?”

The NPC sighed and snapped her fingers. Besides different ears and wings they weren’t much of a difference.

“You know I don’t think any of these suit you very much.”

An NPC had programmed thoughts on character creation? That was interesting.

“What do you think does suit me?”

The NPC smiled. The image of a demon appeared. This NPC’s program was the most annoying thing.

“A demon.”

The NPC nodded her head.

“A cold, dignified beauty such as yourself is waisted on those sort of races. It doesn’t add anything. You won’t stand out. You should choose from the Demon options. It would be such a wonderful package!”

This NPC was even programmed with fetish tastes? Just what were the developers thinking at the time they made this game?

“What are my options within Demons then?”

The NPC smiled as race images changed. There was surprisingly quite a few options within the Demon race. Li Na chose to completely ignore the ones that weren’t very human like.

“Can I see myself as a Vampire?”

The NPC looked so excited!

“Ah, dignified and bloody! Will Second Life get a princess now?”

No. Li Na would not be a princess. However, the idea of playing something new was suddenly very exciting to her.

“What part of the race can I customize?”

The NPC clapped her hands together.

“Physical characteristics and one big personal wish of course.”

A wish? Well, lets save that for last.

“My height now is fine. I suppose making my body a little more model like would be possible?”

The NPC seemed annoyed at the request but snapped her fingers. As a vampire with a better body I certainly looked much nicer than I did in real life.

“Anything else?”

I guess I could have fun with this.

“Silver hair wavy hair please. Red eyes is fine.”

The NPC nodded her head.

“These choices are so much better. Anything else?”

“I have my one wish right?”

The NPC eagerly nodded her head.

What would make her character better?

“Any suggestions?”

The NPC eagerly nodded her head.

“Can I modify you a bit?”

Li Na shrugged.

“I guess so?”

She watched as her avatar got even more fleeting looking. Her ears became slightly pointed and she got taller. The fangs in her mouth looked like they got smaller, but sharper. Her skin seemed to glow as if under moon light and her hair seemed to suddenly reflect the light in different colors. A strange patter of vines and symbols seemed to be tattooed around her body. The NPC turning to her to flash her a thumbs up.

“Now you look so much cooler.”

Li Na sighed. What she looked like didn’t really matter to her. The NPC seemed to be staring at her avatar with lust in her eyes. It made her shudder a bit. She would need to file a complaint to the developers.

“Now that that’s done what continent do you want to start in: north, south, east, west, central.”

She chose randomly.

“I’ll take North. My family Liu Wel is also starting this game. Can he start in same continent as me?”

The NPC seemed to be silent for a moment before answering.

“Your request has been accepted by my superiors. Now, what’s your name going to be? I strongly suggest Princess of the Moonlit Night.”

This NPC reminded her of everything wrong with Liu Wel.


She looked so sad. Li Na thought about it for a moment.


The NPC looked at her completely shocked.

“That’s so LAME. Are you sure? You can’t change it you know!”

Li Na nodded her head.

“I’m sure.”

The NPC sighed.

“All my hard work gone to waist.”

She smiled softly.

“Don’t say that. I appreciate the help. Now, I get to try something new.”

The NPC looked up at her shocked.

“You’re nice to say that. No one says that. Alright, I’ve decided I like you. Good luck Cinnebar.”

Li Na felt herself falling down into blackness. She wondered where she would wake up.


Vampire Money – My Chemical Romance


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