4 : Vanity

Denji was looking around the new area. He wanted to try something new so he chose to play on a foreign server as an unusual character, a tiger beast man. Normally, he wanted to emphasize his kami given good looks, but to be honest he had become bored with it. Playing a beast warrior was a nice change of pace. Denji could use some magic through the use of ‘chi’ and could gain direct combat-oriented skills. The problem he was facing so far was that he found it incredibly hard to find party members in this form. All the girls chased after the pretty boys and as someone who had good looks in real life, he had no desire to party with those who were uglier. Denji wished to always be surrounded by money and beautiful people. He did not care what people had to say about that.

“This is just awful…”

Denji found his eyes staring at the spot were new players formed. He had been visiting it the last few weeks in hope of a miracle appearing. Maybe there would be a new player that could be a miracle.

“It’s hopeless isn’t it?”

He was about to turn away when he spotted two new players form. One was a beautiful demon girl and the other a handsome angel. Was this a gift from the kamis! Had they answered his prayers finally! Denji couldn’t let this chance slip away. He would have them in his party.

“No matter what!”

Denji following them as they searched for information. Maybe he could reach them first and be their savior. Surely then they would stay with him.

“Hey, you two!”

He called out in the crowd to try and catch their attention. They didn’t seem to notice him as they entered the weapons shop. Tch. Denji had to get to them on his side. There was no longer any patience in him to wait for anyone else that fit his standards.

“Hey you! You beast man.”

Denji turned around. In front of him stood one of those pretty boys with a group of three beautiful girls. He could feel himself growing more annoyed. The boy making a useless pose.

“Join our party. I can’t let any danger befall these beautiful girls.”

Denji looked at the group once again. The pretty boy was a human wizard. The three other females in his party were a dark elf mage, a elf summoner and a human priest. In other words, they were completely hopeless at lasting and wanted to use him as cannon foder.

“No. I already have a group.”

The pretty boy looked annoyed.

“You disrespectful beast. Don’t you know who I am?”

Denji shook his head.


One of the girls smiled widely as she looked at him adoringly.

“He’s Huangdi! One of the top players on this continent.”

Denji couldn’t help, but shrug,


The dark elf girl seemed to get annoyed.

“You… you ugly bastard! We all know you are playing as a beast to cover your ugly looks.”

This girl was annoying. He was playing as a beast because he was too tired of his good looks. Not the other way around. Denji went to turn away when he heard the boy shout again.

“I was giving you a chance to be in a respected party! How dare you walk away.”

He sighed.

“Give some other beast man a chance. I already told you I have a party.”

The boy looked super annoyed.

“We challenge this party of yours!”

The girls started scream about his good looks and attitude.

“Sure. Two weeks from today, we can meet at the gates of Grimebell and head to the Fairmoor.”

The party of idiots looked visibly taken aback.

“Of course a beast would want to meet in Grimebell.”

Denji just waved him off and headed towards the shop the two entered. If he couldn’t recruit them in two weeks then he would just not show up. The idiot didn’t even ask for his information or name.


Sabertooth Tiger – Cage The Elephant


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