Akame Ga Kill

I was honestly torn on putting this on my site. Takahiro’s manga/anime adaption is a really popular series and well acclaimed. Not only does it have an immersive world done exactly the way a well executed anime should be done, but it has well done character development and non cliché OP character powers (- Esdeath, but hers is forgivable). Most people would score this anime a 4/5 or a 5/5; however, I am unfortunately not most people. I loved the world, I loved the character development and story arcs. However, I cannot get past that for some unknown reason the show would bore me at times or came of clichéd in random moments. It also seemed to kill off characters for further advancement, but a forced one. All of this said and done, I will still recommend it BECAUSE most people enjoy the series tremendously. If you want a well executed fantasy Anime with great character development from a struggling to protagonist with a love interest I still don’t really see how that happened then this is the anime for you. It has everything you could want in S&M villians, military uniforms, rebellions, mechas, superpowers, the power of twin tails and oh a creepy disgusting pig manipulating a child King. And Esdeath. It may be worth it for her.

2.5 -3 / 5


Akame Ga Kill ! OP 1

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