Aleksander’s Lineage :

Ichika Suzuki Tso

Made by her Navajo maker during his visit at a Japanese Interment camp in Arizona in 1943 at the young age of 19. Ichika’s family had been killed under the stress of being assumed Japanese spies and was left an orphan in the interment camps. Sadly, her maker died a few years later in 1955. Ichika met Aleksander in early 1945 making almost her entire life as a vampire being with her mate. Currently she owns a pastry and baking business in honor of her late mother’s love for traditional sweets.

Aleksei Novikov

Made in 2003 in New York at 27, he was the only child of two human Russian Soviet informers and the grand child of a daemon grandmother. Aleksei has been under the protection of Asnat’s clan since his birth due to his grandmother’s secret origins and was made by a hesitant Aleksander after his parents were arrested. He currently opened up an investment firm with the funds allocated to him from his new grandmother, Asnat. Aleksei is the youngest member of the clan.

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