Cadmar’s Lineage :

Imari Amadou-Ohiyon

She was made in 1508 in the country of Benin at presumably 33 years of age. Imari purposefully has not opened up with much of her past with others that are not her mate but it is known her maker was killed by another vampire who clashed with those of Yoruba ancestry. Known as a strong, proud and keen-minded woman with a sharp tongue many American vampires (young or old) have found themselves on her chopping block. She is currently the clan’s representative on the Council and holds a range of degrees in law, philosophy, history and art.

Gabriel Ohiyon

He was turned by Cadmar in 1953 during the Civil Rights movement after being assaulted by a white cop. Gabriel was 42 at the time. He is an outspoken activist, like all of his lineage, on African American rights, violence and police brutality. Currently, he works as a civil rights attorney for the NAACP and manages a large foster home group that aims to protect the large amount of African American kids within the system.

Rosemary Brown: Turned in 2001, she is the 2nd youngest clan member and is currently studying at Howard University.

Lucia Ohiyon

She was turned in the 1920s during the Harlem Renaissance era in the North and the blatant Jim Crow Laws in the South, Louisiana. Her maker was killed before the 21st Century began and holds a deep sadness at his passing. Lucia normally lives in Louisiana and engages in funding the development of African Americans rights and economics in the Deep South.

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