A tall woman appeared silently in front of the door to the Congregation chamber. Her figure was covered in an ancient dark green cloak. A rowan and silver pin of a dog held the two sides closed. The passed on key no longer in her hands as we all opened the door to the chamber. Everyone filling into the room except the cloaked figure. The smell of cinnamon and myrrh wafting into the room instead.

After everyone had entered the room she slowly moved to her chair- the open witch’s seat. Sidonie had ‘resigned’ her seat from the congregation following the new changes it was making. It seemed the fight for progress and reformation was still a slow and enduring battle amongst the ancient traditions.

When the newcomer pulled off her cloak to reveal her figure the vampires seemed more shocked than anyone. Gebert and Dominico looking completely enraged. I on the other hand was curious. The tall woman was outstandingly beautiful- tan skin and dark curly hair. However, even with the look of youth she had there was a clear picture of how ancient she was in her eyes and posture. This woman was incredibly old. Older than any witch should be.

“Absolutely not!” “This is absurd!” The two annoying vampire shouted as she sat down. A‌ large childlike smile appeared on her face as she turned to me. “Hello, Diana.” I‌ nodded my head towards her waiting for the expected commentary. Gebert being the first to force himself to ask for my assistance. “This Vampire cannot take a Witch’s seat.” Dominico following him up. “It’s against the Congregation rules.”

A laugh echoed in these chambers. Something that was probably a rare sound from even before my time serving in it. “Is this not a new and improved Congregation? All of us the same species?” Her eyes turning to look at me as the de Clermont seat.“I‌ was elected for this seat.” Agatha interrupted into the conversation. “I think that would be something to share with us Daemons.” Geberet hit the table with his fist. “This Vampire cannot serve on the Congregation. Never!” Dominico nodded his head. “She is not a Witch.”

Before anyone could interrupt the new vampire smiled at Agatha, “Allow me to properly introduce myself to those who don’t know me.” Her eyes settling on mine for a moment before turning back to the Daemons. “My name is Asnat Ohiyon. I am the daughter of a Weaver and a Vampire.” The room turned silent for a moment. Everyone seemed to be trying to process this information in their own way. Satu seemed the most shocked. How she was still on the congregation was a mystery to me, but that look she had on was not. There were gears turning in her scared and frightened head.

Gebert’s, however, seemed to be denial. “You have been a vampire for thousands of years. Making up such a lie will be punishable by death.” She only chuckled at Gebert. How old and powerful she must be to not flinch at his words. “Little Gebert of Aurillac, always the same.” Her expression shifting from a childish one to one that reminded me of Ysabeau’s. “What is it that you object to really? My lineage? The holding of this seat or perhaps your lack of information?”

There was some chuckling in the background. Dominco stepping in, “All of it!” Agatha leaned forward in her chair, “You say your mother was a Weaver. Can you prove it?” Could she prove it? Was there a way to know? For my own children’s sake… Asnat shook her head no. “I’m afraid I‌ cannot. My parents died years ago and as Gebert and Dominico put it it’s been years since I was turned into a ‘regular’ vampire.” She turned to me. “Perhaps, you should consult with the Book.”

Everyone turned to look at me. I closed my eyes and tried to picture it- the life and records of Asnat Ohiyon. To my surprise it was murky and muddled like when I first opened the Book of Life and could not read the words. However, her mother’s name was there as a Weaver. I opened my eyes and revealed my inner arm to the room. There was the words that I ‌myself had come to. “Her mother was a Weaver.”

Dominico jumping in once again. “She’s still a Vampire.” Asnat smiled. “As Diana Bishop-Clermont is currently serving as the third vampire seat and representative of the de Clermonts it has been decided by the community that I‌ shall fill the seat as representative of the Weavers and Bright Borns until one comes of age.” The community? What community existed outside the Congregation that could make such decisions as electing a vampire to a witch’s seat- unusual one or not.

Agatha turned her head to Gebert. “I thought you would want another vampire on the Congregation?” He turned his head towards her in fury. To him, it was unthinkable for a measly daemon to come at him as if they were equals in a bout. “It seems you have misread me, Agatha. I would never support such a clear play for power over the congregation.” His eyes turning to me. “However, we do currently have one such radical.”

Everyone turned back to me. I‌ sighed in my chair. “Until we get a confirmation from the witches about her stay or removal the matter ends here.‌ Asnat Ohiyon, daughter of a weaver and vampire, has a seat on this Congregation.” Agatha nodded her head in approval. It was not normal for Agatha to seem to take to a female vampire this quickly. Gebert hit the table in frustration. “I ‌will have this done immediately.” I‌ ignored him and called this meeting to continue.

The woman strangely silent and observatory till the end. Her figure disappearing before I‌ could even get out of my seat. The only thing that remained in the room was the sound of her soft whisper, “Happy Beltane, Diana.” I had to call Matthew.


Congregation Vote – A Discovery Of Witches

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