Old Ties In Summer

My feet quickly crossed the stones into one of the libraries on the island. Waiting for me was the new librarian – Rima Jaen. She was a meekish woman by my standards but my children have often told me my standards were not proper for warm bloods. “Rima.”

The woman turned around to look at me. It was funny to see a female librarian for us wearing sensible shoes. Normally, they put on displays for us. However, the practicality for her job was much more appealing than attempts at vanity. Her smile was not to bad either. “Madame Asnat.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle. The tittle Madame and I had a history of trying to keep our backs turned to each other. I never wanted it and she never wanted me. “Just Asnat is fine.” The young girl nodding her head. “Is there something I can get you?” What an odd sentiment it was in this language. To ask a question when there is already an implied action before it.

My eyes looked over the room. Not much had changed from the previous human. Perhaps, she hadn’t the time to get to it yet. “No. I’m simply here to introduce myself.” Rima seemed shocked as I made my way towards her. Inside one my pockets was a business card. I handed it to her. “I’m not sure you are aware yet what I do for this Congregation but when you find out here is my personal number. The previous secretary wasn’t someone who needed it but I have a feeling you will, Miss Rima.”

She looked at me confused. What a young naive child. Hopefully, Baldwin would not kill this one. I pat her head softly. “It’s alright, child. Take your time here.” Rima slowly nodded her head. “I will.” The two of us parting ways. There were other places I needed to be.

I stood in front a door and knocked. When no one answered I pushed the door open. There standing by the window afraid was my last stop in this sinking city- Satu Järvinen. “Satu.” The Finnish witch looked absolutely terrified. All I had said was her name. Really, they did not make witches the same anymore.

I motioned for her to sit down. She did not. Perhaps, compared to Rima she was the meek one. I sat down on one of her couches. “What are you doing here, vampire? ” The way she said the word was so crass. As if a simple designation awarded such irritating echoes. “I shall tell you weaver when you sit.”

Satu slowly sat down and stared at me before she could speak I raised my hand. “Let us start this conversation honestly. You are spellbound and cannot harm me.” The terrified expression appeared back on her face. It was interesting how she seemed to be shivering and stone like at the same time. “What do you want from me?”

I leaned back into the couch. It was as comfortable as it seemed- completely uncomfortable. “I’m sure you are wondering how Sidonie was replaced and yet how you remain?” Satu glared at me. “What have you done to her?” This weaver deserved to be spellbound, jumping in to accuse anyone with no justification or proof. “Child, I have done nothing to that decaying sack. It was her fellow witches who lost confidence in her.”

Satu didn’t seem to believe me. “Why are you here then?” She was slower then I expected her to be. How did she manage to snatch Diana from Sept-Tours with this level of ability? Matthew must of been slipping. “Have I not already implied that I am here for you?” My hands reaching down to the satchel I had brought with me.

A stack of letters tied by a white ribbon and purple lilly-of-the-valley flowers were pulled out. A tiny wood box was put on one of the tables after. Satu seemed shocked at the sight of the box. “That’s my mumu’s box.” I nodded my head. “I knew your grandmother. She was, unlike you it seems, a wonderful woman.”

Satu quickly grabbed the box and tried to open it up. It would not. When she turned to look at me I could only sigh. “It can only be opened by magic. As you do not have it at the moment that box will not open.” I watched her put the box down sad. Memories were playing in her head and could almost be seen in her eyes. Her hands reaching for the stack of letters. “My mumu would never have been friends with a vampire.”

I cracked up laughing. “Friends. I’d say we were closer than that. Who do you think explained to her she was a weaver? Explained how to understand herself?” Satu looked back up at me. “I don’t believe you.” Obstinate child this one. “Fine. You have time to go through those letters later. I am only here to tell you what Ilma and I agreed upon.”

She narrowed her eyes at me. “Ilma asked me to watch out for you. As you are still alive I have done as I promised her.” I watched as Satu’s hands tightened and her expression grow dark. “However, you have proven undeserving of learning the secrets I protect. Your actions with Diana Bishop not only violated a fellow weaver in a time where we are dying out but you aided an enemy of the goddess and her children.”  Scorn entering my voice. “Their crimes are on your soul, sister.”

Satu stood up at that word, sister. “I am not your sister!” I could only sigh as I stood up. “You will have your life. You may even keep your seat on the Congregation but I am not bound or willing to offer you anything else.” My body turned to the door to leave but my feet stopped themselves for a moment. I turned back to her. My eyes settling on her stomach. “Perhaps, there is but one act of salvation left for you.” An admittedly spiteful smirk on my face appearing. “It is Beltane.”


Diana & Satu

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