Air Plane Conversations

I was sitting in one of the comfortable cushioned seats on our plane when Matthew knocked over the glass. My eyes turning to Fernando and him. We had elected to have some quiet time to our thoughts but it seems that was now over. My husband could no longer be contained. “I don’t care about your friendship Fernando. She must answer me!”

Fernando was apparently old time friends with Asnat Ohiyon. He was more shocked than us when we told him she was the new witch’s seat. It was in his words, ‘an impossibility’. As his friend was known to dislike the Congregation and much of what it stood for. Matthew, however, surprisingly did not have connections to this vampire. Instead, my husband had firm opinions formed on rumors. While, I could not fathom the words I had heard a few days ago ‘I am the daughter of a Weaver and a Vampire’. She was a Bright Born like my children. However, for some reason her father made her a true vampire.

I looked up and the two of them and sighed. It was the only way to get Matthew’s attention back on me. “Diana, what’s wrong?” I shook my head in weariness. Matthew coming back to the seat behind me. “She is a Bright Born, Matthew. Like our children.” His body became taught and filled with tension. A sour expression on her face. “So she says.”

Fernando rejoined us in his seat across from us. “If she said that it is probably true. Asnat does not reveal secrets unless they are important.” Matthew hit the plane’s table. “And what makes now so important!” His expression turning from sour to enraged. “Was a few moths ago not important? Was the Book of Life not important? Benjamin’s actions? My wife’s resolution within the Congregation chambers?” Fernando only sighed. “That is what we must ask her when we arrive, Matthew.” He leaned forward slightly. “Calmly, I might add, Sire.”

Matthew was right. Why was now so important? A couple months ago I was the only weaver left fighting for the Book of Life, reformation, my husband and my children. Why would she suddenly come out now and take a seat on the Congregation, no less. A seat according to Fernando she hated. I could feel the anger rising up in me. How dare this woman suddenly come forth now? “Fernando.”

He turned his attention to me. “Matthew is right and you know it.” Fernando shook his head sighing. “Partly. Sire is partly right. However, we must find out the whole picture.” Partly was enough to convince me that something was going on. A heat within me where my arrow is growing. The winds were changing again.

Matthew poured himself another glass of wine. “And the Council, Fernando? Do you share such confidence in them?” This is what I wanted to know and was waiting to come up again. They had said the community she was referring to was the Council before we left but they had not told me what that was. He looked down. The answer was clearly no. “Isn’t about time you tell me what the Council is, Matthew?”

He turned to look at me. In his anger he had made a slip. This woman was getting under his skin more than I liked. Fernando sighing. “She is right, Matthew.” He looked away for a moment before turning back towards me. “The Council is the group of creatures who used to run the Americas before the Congregation.” My eyes narrowed at him. “It doesn’t sound like a used to situation.”

Fernando ignored the look in his sire’s eyes and explained to me. “The Council was originally just a tribal one and then grew to include a few early settlers in the Americas. When the Americas developed under the European powers the Council became its own group.” Matthew interrupted him. “A resistance group against the Congregation.”

A resistance group? I looked at Fernando to continue. “The Council settled with the Congregation in 1773. The Congregation could maintain its status within the Americas and the Caribbean without resistance but regulation and duties within their area would be theirs alone.” I looked at him confused. “I’m an American witch and I have never heard of the Council.”

Matthew took my hand it squeezed it. “That is a good thing, man couer.” A small smile on his face. “If you have heard of them you had either done something vile or are vile yourself.” Matthew really did not like them. But to me, at the moment, it seemed as if that was more because he was a member of the Congregation and a child of European Royalty and not a native fighting for their home. “Is Asnat a member of the Council?”

Fernando nodded his head. “The Ohiyon’s were the first foreign influence present in the North Americas. When the Council was developed they were one of the tribes given a permanent seat. They are like the de Clermonts in the Americas.” Like the de Clermonts? How could there be any other family like the one I married into?

Matthew snarled. “And that is why she would never have been able to have a seat. The Congregation does not allow Council members.” Fernando sighed deeply. “That’s not an official rule.” My husband stood up quickly. “But it has been maintained that way for centuries.” My eyes made their way down Matthew’s body and over to Fernando. He seemed to be filled with regret. “It’s only been maintained by excluding witches and daemons from the Americas a seat in case their was a possible connection. You know they have a right to be upset about that.” Matthew’s body changed to look as if it was about to pounce.

I reached for my cup of tea. It was starting to became cold from neglect. “Matthew, sit down.” My husband listened to me. “This isn’t about historical ties of personal opinions. Asnat says she is a Bright Born. That is why we are here.” Matthew squeezed my hand. There was a loving expression on his face. “Mère courage.” Mother Courage. It was the french way of saying a mother was courageous and able to fight through difficulties. He was thinking of our children now.

The captain on the plane announced we were beginning to land. Matthew’s expression becoming sour again. “There are many questions we will have answered, ma lionne.” Fernando leaned back into his seat. “Without out fighting, hopefully.”

My body leaning into Matthew’s as we waited to land. Even in seats like these it seemed to perfectly fit into his. His arms wrapping around me as we sat quietly in our own thoughts- but still together. Fernando leaving us alone to be with each other.

The plane’s landing ruining my little moment as Matthew quickly rushed us out of the plane. He was grumbling about wanting to get home to the children. Baldwin was visiting and that upset him more than me. Surprisingly, when not planning to spellbind my children, Baldwin was okay with children.

My body, however, was suddenly not okay as I found myself bumping into a large solid wall. A familiar laugh appearing around me. “Still the same I see, Auntie.” I looked up and saw his smiling face. Fernando and Matthew appearing besides me. Matthew looked at him skeptically. “What are you doing here?”

Gallowglass looked at Fernando. “He called me.” Matthew glared at Fernando. “You did.” He nodded his head. “I did. We both know you would feel more comfortable having extra security for Madame Diana.” It was nice that even in these awkward moments Fernando had the ability to make a joke within the situation.

Gallowglass moved to finish putting our luggage in the car. Matthew had gotten us a driver of course. I put my hand on his arm. “This is good. Afterwards, he can meet his godson Phillipe.” My eyes moving to the giant. A sad smile was on his face. He had heard what I said intentionally.

Matthew grabbed my hand. “Alright, Diana.”


Diana Meets Matthew

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