Rosemary Parlor

We entered through a set of pearl inlaid dark oak doors. What waited for us was a pale yellow room decorated in traditional ivories, creams and porcelains. There was nothing rosemary about it except a faint hint of it within the perfume in the air and the florals chosen as embroidery. However, it was certainly a formal Southern Parlor.

Sitting on one of those floral couches was an equally as beautiful to her mother woman. Her own skin tan but existing as its own shade. The same could be said to her dark curly hair. Similar but completely different in style and essence. There was no cinnamon and myrrh coming off of her but lime, rose petals and saffron.

She stood up as we all found our seats. Her attention solely focused on her mother. “As you’ve requested, Madar.” In her hands was a large sealed crate. Only a vampire could lift it so casually and with out breaking the contents that were inside of it. It was plopped down on the low table without a concern for anything. Asnat leaned forward and pried it open with her bare hands. Sounds of cracking in wood could be heard even by my ears.  Inside, was a large collection of scrolls, letters, tablets, records and many more means of collecting data and thoughts. “Whole still it seems.”

Asnat turned to me and smiled. “This is for you, Diana.” I‌ leaned forward eagerly. The prospect of what was in this box had my curiosity beat out my fears and anxieties. The hand Matthew had on me was the only connection to it and safety from it. I‌ started sorting through the collection of papers until I‌ pulled out a letter.

Phillipe de Clermont

A simply name with no additional decoration or information etched across the front. Not at all like the sender. “Matthew.” He could see the name from where he was but he leaned forward in shock. His fingers tracing the imprint from the name. “These are the records between Phillipe and I. As well as the other notes, recordings and documents you’ll need if you choose to attack Gebert and Dominico.”

We all looked up at her, shocked for different reasons. Fernando seemed the most annoyed. “You’ve never told me that Phillipe and you spoke so frequently and seriously.” She simply smiled. “That would of spoiled today.” When she responded like that there was something similar to Phillipe in her. As if the two of them viewed the lighter side of life the same way. Had he sent her to us? Was there a need for her? For her to be in my children’s lives?

Matthew looked up from the letter finally. “Why are you moving against them now?” I‌ could barely peel my eyes away from all the history in the crate to see her nod. “That’s such a silly question, Matheu. It’s because now it is time.” My eyes returning to the crate as the door opened again. By the voice of it it was Beau who had entered the room. “The guest rooms have been arranged, My Lady.”

Matthew’s irritated voice woke me up from fumbling through the papers. “Asnat.” My eyes turned from his to hers. There was a gleam in her eye that made me miss my favorite ghost. “It will take you five days to get through that at least. And Diana will have questions.” Her eyes narrowing. “And this crate does not leave this house without my permission.”

Matthew stood up out of his seat. Cadmar and Mehtep who had chosen to remain silent until now stood up. Thus prompting Gallowglass and Fernando to get agitated. My eyes meeting Asnat. She was a vampire as well. Why did she not get agitated? She smiled warmly at me. “Let’s settle down. Dinner is in a few hours and I’m sure you would all like to freshen up.”

I took Matthew’s arm as I‌ stood up. Cadmar briefly stepping in our way. “I‌ don’t care how old you are or if you are a de Clermont. Come near my mother again and I‌ will tear you limb from limb.” Before I could get defensive or Matthew could respond his sister, Mehtep pulled him back sighing, “Younglings.” It seemed Mehtep was the older sibling.

She bowed down to Matthew. It was only for formalities. It was easy to tell she did not like him. “I apologize for him. He is young and overprotective of our mother.” Matthew snarled. “A sister should train him better.” I watched her eyes light up with anger but she did not say anything back. She would not be the one to start anything.

I turned to Cadmar. My curiosity of everything had been keeping me quiet and observatory but no one threatened my husband. “It is Bishop-Clairmont. And we do not take threats well.” Wind picking up around me. Everyone’s attention back on me. Gallowglass leaning down. “Auntie…”

Asnat laughed. “So you and Shu have become friendly.” Shu? The air shaking for a moment at her words and my confusion. She smiled at us. “I swear on my name that no harm is intended for Diana Bishop De Clermont and her family while she is at Old Cotton Field House. Any threat or attempt at lives will be met with the full force of my tribe.” Fernando smiled again. Gallowglass seemed shocked but Matthew… Matthew still looked wary. Which meant I should not completely erase my own wariness.

I turned to Asnat and nodded. “Thank you. ” She smiled at me and gestured to Beau. “He’ll show you to your rooms. There your baggage has been arranged and gifts as well. The crate will be moved to a private room in the library and secured until you wish to see it.” Asnat walked over to me and put her hands on my shoulders. Matthew grew tense but I did not. There was such warmth coming from her hands. “I assure you Diana I mean you no harm. I only wish to fulfill Phillipe’s wish. As his friend and a Bright Born.”

Matthew looked up at her annoyed but I could only remain still. There was no control in any situation with her it seemed.  I could only nod my head. “I have many questions for you during dinner.” She only laughed. “As long as we can also enjoy the food that’s fine by me.”

I urged Matthew to follow Beau to our rooms. Matthew and I had been given a large suit. There was a large balcony that faced east. There would be a wonderful view of the sunrise. Colors would explode over the fields and light up the morning dew.

Matthew’s voice called me back to him. “Don’t trust her, Diana.” I turned back to him. “I do not. You don’t have to worry.” He pulled me into a hug. “Asnat has been around for longer than a Millennium.You can not imagine what she has done in such time.” I smiled at him and planted a kiss on his cheek. “And look how much we have done in less than a decade.”

Matthew smiled at me. There was such love in his eyes and such devotion. There were still remains of Benjamin after all of this time. Seeing the growth from where he was made me feel both proud and secure. This man was mine. He held me close. “Ma lionne.”

I pulled him down to a deeper kiss. They had given us a king sized bed. We might as well take advantage of it.


Matthew And Diana

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