Lander’s Lineage :

Titus Ohiyon

The eldest child of Lander and eldest grandchild from Asnat’s direct line, he was turned in 792 C.E. at the approximate age of 35. Due to his disgust for the actions and policies of Prince Charlemagne and the Roman Empire he was barely holding on to his shaky military career. It was only his fame and skill in battle that allowed him to keep his life after publicly disagreeing with many of the superiors above him. Titus was stabbed in the back by a ‘trusted’ soldier beneath him on orders from their superiors when Lander found him. Currently, he works for his father’s Security Company.

Rosa Coelho-Ohiyon

Turned in Portugal in 1791 at the age of 29. She fought in the first Napoleonic invasion and through the following Napoleonic conflicts met her mate, Titus. Rosa may not look like a fighter compared to her husband but she is an adept swordsman. Currently, you will find her Portuguese hilt no longer on the battlefield but on display at her office. She holds a veritable collection of degrees raging from law, business and medicine. At the moment, she is working as a legal aid for those who can’t afford to hire an attorney.

Giuseppe Coelho-Ohiyon: Turned 1882 in Italy. He was found living in part of the slums scrapping by by stealing and performing odd jobs. He is quite proud in his hand in the inspiration for Pinocchio.

Ana-Marie Ohiyon

In 1307, Serbia, she was found in the woods after killing her owners. The Romanian beauty had suffered heavy injuries in her escape and would of died if not found by Lander and Titus. Her elder brother was unsure about her but upon glancing over at the place she escaped from Lander turned her immediately on the spot. Ana-Marie was approximately 34 years of age at the time and was a former daemon. Even as a vampire, she possess a large amount of artistic talent that mainly works its way into her life through her paintings. However, she mainly does art appraisal and restoration.

Chekolech Ohiyon: Turned in Ethopia in 1523.

Yoseph Hassan

The oldest of the grand children’s mates and one of the few older vampires left in the world he was made in 1097 at the approximate age of 32. He lived in Israel under Arab rule at the time. Because of this, Yoseph is extremely involved in Middle Eastern history. Currently, he lives in Nazareth and works for Israel-Palestine mediation groups. He also keeps a large farm and raises camels as a hobby. Yoseph does not like to fight after losing all three of his children in conflicts in the Middle East but can use a farming sickle to a scary degree.

Eitan Hassan: Deceased in 1438 due to vampire skirmishes in Jerusalem.

Tamar Hassan: Deceased in 1438 due to vampire skirmishes in Jerusalem.

Noa Hassan: Deceased in 1579 due to ethnic conflict in and around Tel Aviv.

Francisco Ohiyon

The youngest child of Lander, he was turned in 1632 in Brazil at 23. Francisco was the child of a wealthy Dutch land lord and his mistress of Portuguese and Native descent. Growing up in a detached house as a child of a dark skinned mistress he learned to rely on his good looks and charisma to scam and cheat his way up the social ladder. Before being turned, the only thing he cared about was his mother. When she was killed Francisco burned his family home down with many if not all of his other blood relatives locked inside. He was found and turned before he went to willingly turn himself into the authorities. Francisco is a passionate opponent to any forms of colonization. He spends most of his time finding ways to support or aid villages and fight for the preservation of the rain forests.

Julia Ohiyon

Made forcibly in 1521, Chile. Her maker was on Ferdinand Megallan’s ship. Because of her early life as a Native turned as a plaything for her maker she shares her mates views on colonization. In her early days she mastered archery, the small axe and naval skills in order to gain the power to kill her maker. Now, she uses most of her naval skills for the boating company she owns. The company charters boats for traveling around South America and works often with her Sister-In-Law Maria.

Roisin Kelly: Turned in Ireland during the Great Potato Famine, 1853. Found dying during Julia’s hunt to kill her own maker.

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