Mitsuhide’s Lineage:

Yua Akechi

Turned in 1874 during the Meiji era of Japan at the age of 36. She is the daughter of an early Manchu diplomat and a young mother from an old traditional arts family. The marriage was a tense political one that left her mother often depressed and longing for her family’s house. Because of this, her mother invested large amounts of their wealth into raising a daughter steeped in Japanese tradition. Yua grew up learning dance, tea ceremony and flower arrangement from her mother’s family. While, also learning both aikido and Northern Style martial arts on the insistence of her traditional Chinese father. She has even earned belts in Judo after she became a vampire. The combination of all of this has made her a very skilled combatant with a dangerous hobby for herbs and poisonous plants. However, Yua currently chooses to invest in the preservation and education of traditional Japanese culture forms. She owns several tea houses, dance studios, flower arrangement studios and dojos. Yua is known to hold the pants in the family behind the scenes.

Agnes Brodeur: She was 37 years old and turned during the French Depression in 1931. Agnes owns French cuisine restaurants and bakeries in Japan.

Hwa-Yong Kim

Turned by a young Mitsuhide on his trip to inspect the Asian trade routes, in order to successfully leave Japan for awhile, in 1597 Joseon. The poor 32 year old almost did not survive as he was turned by accident with Asnat saving his life during a young Mitsuhide’s temper tantrums. However, since surviving he has honed his combat skills in order to fight his way through Korean history. Hwa-Young is an expert with traditional archery and poleman-ship. However, he has also mastered various martial arts and the rifle. Unlike his father, Hwa-Young is a proud Korean nationalist and resisted his father and Japan’s advances on Korea. This has left them in a tumultuous relationship but through his step-mother Yua’s continued efforts they have maintained an amicable relationship. Hwa-Yong owns a Korean industrial conglomerate.

Ji Woo Park: He was turned by his maker in 1927 at the age of 23 after being severely beaten up in a police holding cell by the occupying Japanese forces. He was in their for attacking one of the Japanese government officials that used his older sister as a comfort woman. Ji-Woo has a completely separate life from his grandfather unless called upon out of his hatred for Japanese denial policies. Over the years he has become a master in Taekwondo and finds the woldo as a great source of meditation. He is an activist for the public recognition of Japanese war crimes and owns several non-profits aimed at helping the homeless and women.

Aesha Farooqi

She was turned in 1803 at the age of 26 during a business visit to a future Pakistan. Aesha was the daughter of an old doctor family and grew up in a home filled with medicinal plants and flower fields. Mitsuhide took a liking to her during his visit to their shop when one of his business partners fell ill. Aesha gets along with her father but is by no means close with him. Currently, she has developed her families medical business throughout the years to include everything from advanced medical sciences to natural remedies and nutritional aids. On the side she owns several farms worth of medicinal herbs and flower fields. She even owns a few botanical shops.

Ilyas: He was turned at 29 in 1901 during the separation of Pakistan from India. Due to family influence he has picked up and learned the traditional Talwar; however, he is by nature a soft-hearted poet. He spends his days writing across all fields and aiming for the continuous advancement of the beauty of Muslim literature. Ilyas does his best to remain ambivalent of his grandfathers history and actions.

Vithu Padaiyachi

Turned in 1236 at the age of 31 by a vampire who wondered into the Sultan’s court. His sister was a member of the harem and had a ceremonial position as a minister of the court at the time. Vithu was taught how to fight with a katar as a child but instead favored reading and law to violence. Currently, he works as a litigator for Indian politics. Vithu shares a close friendship with his brother-in-law Farhad but in similar fashion to his mate distances himself from his father-in-law.

Anurak Noi: He was turned in 1438 at the age of 27. His family were loyalists of the Sukhotai dynasty but were killed during the rise of the new Ayutthaya Kingdom. Anurak was an apprentice to a minister of domestic affairs at the time. Currently, he owns a conglomerate focused on health care and developmental real estate.

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