Tashuka’s Lineage:

Diego “Other EyesOhiyon

The young Aztec warrior was turned by Tashuka in 1590 after the death of Moctezuma at approximately 25 years of age. Diego was dying from infection and small pox. Despite never wanting to make children he could not bare to see the child suffer. He is similar to his father at being an expert tracker. However, unlike his father who was a healer by nature Diego was an expert with darts and projectile weapons. Even to this day participating in hunting. Currently, he owns food business that run from southern Mexico to Texas. His company supports small and impoverished villages.

Lucas Garcia: Turned in 1801 at 25 in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. He currently owns a petroleum company that gives back over 50% of its earnings to rural Mexican communities.
Chamani: Turned in 1851 on Sioux lands during the Treaty of Traverse. She is a calm and gentle figure to the often heated and vocal Lucas. Many family members make fun of their dynamic since she fights for the preservation of Native American land and environmental sites.

Maria Barros

The Spanish beauty was turned in 1420 at the age of 32. She participated in Ferdinand and Isabella’s unification of a Catholic Spain as a deeply religious Catholic. Maria aided them with her expert use of the Spanish Toledo sword which she was known to coat in poison. Diego and her pairing is one of the largest controversies within the clan as Maria is a proud Spaniard and seemingly flippant individual. However, all of her actions are based on her role as the informant of the Spanish supernatural community and uses her ties to Spanish royalty to their upmost. Maria’s unlikeable nature comes from her determination to her role for the Spanish creatures even at the cost of all others. She is deeply disliked by Cadmar and his lineage but as she was accepted into the clan they do not act against her. However, Maria had to accept her clan leader’s warning that if she ever stepped over the line Diego and her would be executed swiftly. Currently, she owns a successful shipping company that aids in exploration projects.

Santiago Barros: Turned in 1520 Spain at the age of 43 for his loyalty to the development of Spain. He almost refused to join the clan in worry of conflicting loyalties but did so on insistence of his maker. Santiago is not as disliked as his maker but is often kept at arms length. He is heavily involved in the tourism business.

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