13 : Blood In The Water

When Marishka arrived at home there was no missing the collection of groceries on the front step.

“Good thinking, Ruth…”

After unlocking the door she had just finished the first trip when a voice pipped up.

“Did you get any cigarettes?”

“HOLY. SHIT!” Marishka jumped.

“Didn’t mean to scare you.” Violet cracked a wry smile.

“Thanks for that.” Marishka breathed deeply. “Where’s Ruth?”

“She hasn’t been here for hours.”

Marishka sighed. “Alright.” Crouching back down she snatched the next load of groceries and dropped them in Violet’s hands.

“Uh…what’s this?” Violet asked.

“It’s your payment.” Marishka decided. “You want cigarettes? You get to earn them. So take these into the kitchen and start unloading.” Marishka gave her a small smile before going to grab the rest of the groceries. When she returned to the kitchen she found Violet putting the perishables away.

“Is there any way you want this?” Violet held open the fridge for emphasis.

“Um…Here. How about you un-bag and I’ll put away.” Marishka decided, switching spots with the younger girl.

“So you’re here for work?”

“Yep.” Marishka chimed, holding out her hand for the next item.

“What do you do?”

“I’m helping update a hotel from top to bottom near down town.”

“Is that why you dress like that?”

Marishka paused, smiling to herself. “Is that why you dress like that?” She asked, placing emphasis on the ‘you’.


“Same here.” Marishka added lightly.

“Now this is an unusual site.” A soft matronly voice sounded earning the girl’s attention.

“Oh. Hi. Ruth didn’t mention anything about a maid. I’m Marishka.” She stepped forward.

“Moira. It’s a pleasure. I see you’ve met Violet.” Her gaze traveled to the groceries.

Marishka smirked, wrapped an around the girl’s shoulders. “Yeah…She’s growing on me.”

“Do you have any preferences on what you’d like for dinner?” Moira asked, looking at the empty grocery bags.

“Um…No not really. I’m sure anything will do.” Stepping around Moira she let her hair down from it’s bun. “I’m going to take a shower. I’ll see you in a bit. Thanks.”

Marishka stood under the hot water for several moments, closing her eyes and waiting for her muscles to relax. “Doors need to sanded down or replaced. We have to figure out how much we can upgrade without compromising the vintage integrity, but SO much has to be done….Just stick to the plan.” She murmured to herself before opening her eyes to see red swirling in the water beneath her toes. Her brows knit together as she watched the red liquid become darker and more pronounced. Raising a hand to her hair she pulled her hand a away to see blood staining her fingers.

A sudden sound in the bedroom caused her snap around, her foot slipping on the porcelain to send her crashing down into the bathtub.


Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins


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