14 : Dinner Guest?

Ruth slowly got out of the taxi. For a man insisting on taking her home Milton did all the work. This is why people had dogs. They were reliable. He looked completely shocked when she turned around.

“You really live in murder house…”

“You were in the taxi with me weren’t you? I said the address.”

He nodded his head slowly.

“I thought it was a joke…”

She shook her head in disappointment and just opened the gate. Ruth leaving him standing there to go and try to open her door. Todd running over to try and open the door for her. She simply rolled her eyes.

“Listen here mr. knight, I can open up my own door.”

After a few minutes struggling to open up her door it finally opened. She walked into the room and turned to look at it.

“Coming in or what?”

He quietly nodded her head and entered the man hall. Ruth lifted her arms and said.

“Oh powerful trapped spirits, I offer you this sacrifice. Appease yourselves.”

Todd looked at her completely shocked. She started to burst out laughing.

“I’m just playing around with you. It’s just a normal house.”

Ruth pointed towards one of the doorways.

“The kitchen is down that way if you want to put the groceries down.”

He looked at her uncertain. She chuckled a bit.

“This isn’t clue. I’m not going to kill you in the kitchen with the knife. I just need a second to take Milton’s equipment off.”

He nodded his head and hesitantly walked into the kitchen. Ruth coughing for a bit.

“Ah yea, just in case some of you need that or something I don’t know him so…. yea, you can just take him.”

Ruth petting Milton as he followed her into the kitchen. There stood Todd and Moira. He looked back at her shocked.

“You never told me you had a maid.”

She looked at him confused.

“Why would that even come up?”

Moira looked at the two of them.

“Am I to assume this is your dinner guest tonight?”

Ah….Ruth looked at him confused. He just leaned against the counter and a moment of awkward silence occurred. Moira just chose to be the one to break the silence.

“I will take that as a yes. There is enough groceries here to cook a feast and the house could use the company.”

Ruth nodded her head.

“I guess you’re staying for dinner.”


No New Friends (Explicit) – DJ Khaled

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