15 : A Guest?

Marishka’s eyes slowly fluttered open to the odd sensation of warm water trickling against her contrasted against something cool and hard surrounding her form. As her gaze came into focus she realized she was still in the shower. A dull thudding was radiating from the side of her head. “Oh god…” Very carefully she pulled herself out of the shower, using the sink for support to appraise her face. The bruise seemed to be hidden well beneath her curls making it that much harder to treat.

A few pain killers and a mouthful of water later; and she was pulling on a pair of dolphin shorts with a t-shirt over her body. Holding her head in her hands she closed her eyes for a moment. One moment turned into many until she felt a a pair of hands lean her back on the bed- something cold and damp being pressed against her head. “Mmgh..”

“Someone’s in the house!” A voice against Marishka’s ear has her eyes snapping open, inhaling deeply as she sat upright. No one was in the room with her. Picking up her phone she noticed the time. “Welp.” Talk about destroying your sleep schedule. With a stretch she climbed out of bed feeling fine.

The sound of pans in the kitchen rang through the house earning her attention. That’s right! Moira was cooking dinner! Freeing her hair from it’s hair band she quickly descended the stairs, sliding into the kitchen.

“Sorry. I took a shower and then fell asleep and forgot about din..ner…” The word struggled on her tongue at the site of a man standing in the kitchen. “Um…” Her head tilted a bit. “Who’s this?” Her eyes immediately shifted to Ruth. “You make friends fast.” She smiled a bit as she maneuvered her way around Moira to grab a cup for water.

Leaning over the the island for the pitcher of water she got a gander at Moira’s handiwork. “Looks like I arrived just as you were finishing. It looks great, Moira.”


You’ve Got A Friend In Me – Toy Story


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