16 : Abrasive

Ruth was busy helping finish the food while the dinner guest was helping set the table when Marishka walked in. She turned to her roommate and sighed. “It’s fine. You did say you were starting a job that would probably me an upheaval.” Ruth was about to continue preparations when she made the friend comment. She looked at her confused. “I love how you notice a dinner guest before the fact I cam home crippled in casts.” It was meant to be taken in a light hearted manner, as Marishka was well aware of what she thought to be humor, but their dinner guest looked at her as if she was annoyed at the girl. The two watching her automatically switch to Moira. The maid looking at her a bit dry. “It’s not hard to acquire domestic skills when one has years of practice. Come, it’s time for you three to sit down.” Ruth grabbed a few of the dishes to help Moira carry them over to the table. Todd had set up four places. He turned to Moira. “You did the most work, so why don’t you choose what seat you want.” Moira shook her head. “It is very inappropriate for the maid to sit with the owners of the house.” And with that she walked away. Ruth being the first to sit down at a seat. “Well, that will be a project for another time.” She eagerly reached for the large pot of stir fried rice in front of her. It was going to soother her soul after quite a hectic day. Todd turning to look at Marishka. “So, Ruth just mentioned you have a time consuming job. What do you do?” He waited to hear her answer. At her reply he scratched the back of his as a typical gesture. “That does sound a bit hectic, but if anyone can do it you can.” Ruth looked up at the food she was quickly eating to point her spoon at him. “You don’t even know her.” He seemed a little embarrassed. “She just seems like the type is all.” Ruth nodded hear head. “I never said you were wrong. She is definitely the type.” He shrugged. Todd was beginning to learn that while well intentioned she was a bit abrasive. He turned back to Marishka. “So, did Ruth tell you what happened today? It was like a crazy scene from a movie.”


Shiftwork – Kenny Chesney


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