17 : House Mate

Marishka’s gaze fell to take in the site of her house mate- her thoughts immediately cut off by Moira’s words. Well then…Moira was certainly…herself. Glancing at Ruth she followed suit in helping transfer the dishes to the dining room table. When Moira declined to join them, she didn’t say a word and instead opted to quietly take a seat. For some reason the dull pain seemed to be returning. Blinking a few times she began to serve herself.

“Oh. Yeah…” Not wanting to talk their ears off too much with work conversation, she attempted to summarize the duties she’d undertaken and the current state of the hotel in all it’s vintage glory- even down to the paper records. At the boy’s response her brows raised, cracking a smile as she chewed. At Ruth’s reaction she burst out laughing. Leave it to Ruth to call out the bullshit- Marishka loved it.

“Um, no. I just woke up so I haven’t.” Marishka reminded him, waiting expectantly for him to explain. While he regaled her with his take on the events she continued to eat though her expressions did little to mask her feelings. “What ignorant pieces of scum.” She stated flatly, shaking her head before focusing on the man. “And you just stood there like you’d been struck by Medusa! Not really the guns blazing type, are you?” Raising her glass she took a sip. “Remind me never to call you in a crisis.” With a titter she looked from the boy to Ruth and back again. “But you did take the picture when she told you, so at least there’s that. When I first saw her I just figured you’d accidentally hurt her and were now sworn into some sort of servitude.” She shrugged. “Are you going to report it in the morning?” Marishka turned her attention to Ruth.

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