18 : Not Todd

Ruth looked up at the question. She was sure she was asked something important, but for some reason the word servitude ran in her head over and over. The prospect was appealing. Very appealing. “Ah…” Ruth coming to realization what Marishka asked her in the first place. “I already reported it at the hospital. They thought it was a domestic violence case, but I had to make sure they’d know I would never date a ‘Todd’,” She looked down to continue eating when she heard his response. “Actually… I was joking when I said Todd. That’s not my name.” Her head snapped up and she turned to the kitchen. “Moira, we have a serial killer.” He started to wave his hands frantically. “No, you just didn’t get the joke and I. I thought it would be weird to correct you, and I know a Todd so .. It’s not like I have anything against the name.” Ruth glared at him and pointed her fork at him. “So then what is Not-Todd.” He looked slightly uncomfortable, but managed to take a deep breath. “It’s Thomas.” Ruth nodded her head. “Alright, you’re Tomtom from now on.” She bent down to continue eating. The biggest issue here was how much Milton was begging for treats when he knew he would not get any.


Murder By Numbers – The Police


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