19 : Missed Calls?

Marishka nodded slowly. “Yeah. That’s fair.” She agreed, looking between to her two companions amusedly. With another forkfull she listened as Todd admitted his name wasn’t Todd, but…Thomas? She froze mid bite. For such a dramatic telling it wasn’t exactly much of a stretch, now was it? “Nice to meet you, Thomas. Thank you for seeing Ruth home and not subjecting her to domestic violence.” She was sure she’d already thanked him for that, but now they’d been ‘properly’ introduced. “Well regardless of your name issues, you get bonus points in my book for not bringing up the house we live in.” She gave him a brief smile. “So what’s your story?”

A familiar ring tone sounded from somewhere in the house causing her gaze to flick to the ceiling. “I’ll be right back.” Rising from the table she hurried up the stairs to her room. As soon as her foot connected with the wooden flooring upstairs, the ringing stopped. For a moment she debated checking it or not, until finally walking into her room to see the phone face down on the bed. Strangely there were no missed calls. She sighed.

Returning to the dining room a few minutes later she leaned in the doorway. “Did you plan on staying after dinner? Dessert maybe?” She asked their guest. “Or did you want to turn in for the night?” Her attention returned to Ruth. Marishka stepped around the table to begin collecting her dirty dishes. “Need me to take anything?”


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