20 : Pornos

Ruth barely looked up from her food as the two began their exchange. To be honest, she always found it difficult to sum up interest with those she had only known for a bit. Tomtom seemed pleased to tell his story though. “Well. I moved here when I was twenty one. Did the whole I want to work in film thing before I realized the industry is a crap shoot.” Ruth pointed her fork at him. “Language. This is a formal dining room. For civil people.” Tomtom put his hands up. “My bad. A horrible disgusting fungus like business. So now I own my own studio and sometimes shoot short films.” Ruth looked up to smile at him. “So you mean pornos.” Tomtom started to choke on his water. “Only once! I mean… I had to pay the rent and…” He took another sip of water. Thankfully, a ring in the house interrupted the silence and Ruth’s potential commentary. The two watched her run upstairs.
Tomtom looked over uncertain. “That must happen a lot.” Ruth looked at him blankly. “Why would you think so?” He scratched the back of his head uncomfortably. “I mean with her being that pretty and popular is all.” Ruth dropped the fork in her hand and started to crack up laughing. “Is this your way of asking if she has a g-u-y in her life.” Tomtom’s face turned red. “Or girl.” Ruth just shook her head and sighed. “Now why do I have a reason to tell you that?” He looked at her with confidence. “Because I heroicly came to your side today and you wanted to thank me.” Ruth raised her eyebrow at him. “I think Milton saved the day and the threat of being reported to the cops. And you got a free dinner and an inside view of the murder house. Aren’t you being greedy?”
Just then Marishka returned to the dinning room. Tomtom growing silent as Ruth stared at him with a smile. Ruth turning to Marishka, “I hear he’s a big fan of strawberries and chocolate.” She took a moment to glance at his face before standing up. “Allow me.” She walked out of the room to the kitchen stopping for a moment. “No need. Let’s wait till after dessert.” With that she walked deeper into the kitchen. Tomtom turning to look at Marishka. “So, uh. Do you need anyone to take photos and stuff of the building? I’m also pretty great at computer generated models.”


Gun Powder And Lead – Miranda Lambert


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