21 : Strawberries

Marishka looked between her two dinner companions. Seeing Ruth smile at him like that made her oddly suspicious, but also curious given how savage she always was. Maybe it was still over the porn thing? “Strawberries and chocolate, huh? That’s interesting.” She nodded before reclaiming her seat at the table. “So far I’ve just been taking pictures on the pad and that’s been fine, but I might be able to use you for the models. I tend to sketch things out, but I think the clients would be better served with something that was a bit more…hands on to get the full picture.” She aired her thoughts aloud before coming to a conclusion. “So yeah, I’ll give you ring when I’m at that stage.” Holding her hand out across the table she gestured for his phone. “Let me see.”

When strawberries and chocolate were served she merely looked at the display before taking three strawberries. Taking a bit of the first she made no attempt for the chocolate. “So speaking of aphrodisiacs…was there food involved in your porno?” Her features scrunched up in an amused smile as she glanced at Ruth. Since she’d had to leave the room she hadn’t gotten the details! “I’ve always been curious of the ‘behind the scenes’ tidbits.” At her side she could see Milton had moved on from trying to beg from Ruth and was now trying it on with her. For a moment she considered it, but one look Ruth’s direction she shook her head at the poor boy. “Sorry, Milton.” Leaning down to pet him she whispered, “Your mom will kill me.” It was already a mistake she’d made once before. Never again.


AHS Coven Dinner Scene


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