22 : Bound

Thomas was listening to her stumble through her explanation with a smile on his face. He eagerly handed her his phone. “That is definitely something I can help you with.” Ruth observing the exchange happily. She did not want his phone number in her phone or him to have hers. It was terrible enough that he knew where they lived. Ruth couldn’t help, but burst out laughing when Marishka brought up pornos again. Thomas on the other hand seemed uncomfortable. “There was one with¬†the cliche pizza delivery man.” Ruth keeping an eye on Milton’s begging attempts. Thomas seemed to feel a bit awkward. “The others were more BDSM stuff. It wasn’t really about food or scenarios. Form what I understood is was about the method.” He reached out for another strawberry. Jokes aside, who didn’t like chocolate covered strawberries? Ruth’s watch started to make a noise. It was her alarm. She turned to the two of them and smiled. “I have to go take my medication. You two enjoy yourselves.” She reached to collect some of the plates and headed towards the kitchen. Ruth putting them into the sink. Moira appearing besides her. “Allow me. It is my job to do the dishes.” Ruth looked at her for a moment. “I’ll at least dry them.” When Moira went to start washing them, She pulled out a shot from the fridge. What was it with shots having to be kept cold till use? Ruth lifting up her shirt to put it in her stomach. When she was done she threw out the needle, moving to help Moira dry the dishes. Without looking up, the maid did the usual response and asked what it was for. Ruth sighing. “I break easily.” Moira looking up at her concerned. “And yet you chose to come to this house.” Ruth shook her head. “I had no choice in the matter.” Moira looked at her confused. Ruth sighing. “I suppose in a way similar to you, I have become bound to this place.” Violet walked into the room. “That sounds like a load of bullshit.” Ruth shook her head no. “I wish it was bullshit.” She walked over to the counter. “Whose forcing you to be here.” Ruth sighed. “My father.” Violet shrugged. “Sounds like a shitty father.” Moira shook her head. “Not everyone is meant to be a parent.” Ruth could simply continue to wash dishes. “No, some are not.”


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