23 : Leaving So Soon?

Marishka nodded along as he spoke, enthusiastically popping another berry in her mouth. When he mentioned BDSM she shot a ‘damn’ look in Ruth’s direction. “Now that’s not something you hear everyday.” A small smirk formed. Dropping her eyes to take in Thomas she began to wonder…”Okay, shout if you need me.” Her eyes flickered over just as Ruth finished collecting plates. “As much as I’m still curious about the porn…I’ll let it go for now. But don’t think I’ll forget.” Tired of having to reach over the table she settled for swipping the entire bowl of strawberries. “Sorry. I don’t like chocolate.” She shrugged.

“Great. Now the little harlets have brought a man into the house- a man who performs in nude films at that!”

“He’s just a dinner guest. Nothing more.”

“Oh please, look at that pathetic display he’s putting on.”

“We only agreed for two to stay. Not a third.” A third voice rung in.

“She already offered him.”

“Smart girl.”

“Alright. It was nice having you for dinner, but it’s getting late and I have a hell of a job waiting for me in the morning.” Marishka stood out of her seat, stretching up on her tip toes. “Hah.” She exhaled in relief. “Do you need me to call you a taxi or anything?” Stepping into the hall she felt a strange chill in the air. “Hm?” Whipping around she realized she had no idea where the thermostat was. “Ruth! Can you raise the temperature? It’s like an ice box in here.” She called, peeking her head into the kitchen. “Also, your friend is leaving now.”


AHS Get Out Clip (Violet)


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