Canadian Pajamas : 6

Ruth looked around the room for a moment before quickly grabbing the handle of her luggage.

“I’m going to go.”

She quickly rushed up the stars behind Marishka. Ruth could hear the steps of Milton chasing after her. As well as the giggles that seemed to be excited about a dog in the house. She looked around the second floor until she saw the room her friend had entered.

“Are you sure this is the room you want?”

Ruth sat down in the one chair in the room, putting her luggage down temporarily.

“It looks like a dreary room for an angsty teen. And your all sunshine and rainbows.” Ruth eyeing her colorful attire up and down.

“You sure this will work till your furniture arrives?”

Even Milton seemed to be looking at her worried. Ruth opening her trunk to fund her pajamas. Finally, she found a Canada onesy.

“Nice and comfy for the first night in this horror house.”

Ruth reaching over to take over Milton’s service vest. The dog wagging his tail and reaching his head into her trunk for his rope tie. Ruth herself heading into the bathroom to start her night time routine and fill up a collapsible water bowl for Milton. On the way she tossed him a few dog treats.

“Two new people.”

“Two new kids.”

“Please Vivian, no more of this gushy crap.”

“By that age they have gone through puberty and tortured a whole bunch of shitty individuals.”

“I don’t see why don’t just kill them. A dog would be nice to have in the house.”

“How do you even know the dog would be stuck here.”

“If we’re stuck here a shitty failed out drug sniffer will be stuck here to.”

“Enough. We voted to scare people out.”

“Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize this house was a fucking democracy.”

“We’re not killing them. They said they’d only be here for a year. We can try to get them out sooner, or just use them as a shield from new residents till it’s up.”

“Who died and put you Harmons in charge of this house.”

“Shut up. Or I’ll stick that poker up your ass one more time.”

“Violet. Can’t you just appear and silenced your mutt.”

“Why you little-”

“We are not killing!…. They get there year.”

“Or else we’ll kill them.”

Ruth came out of the bathroom feeling totally refreshed. Milton coming up to rub himself on her leg.

“With Milton between us this will definitely feel like a cozy night.”


Murder Song ( 5 4 3 2 1 ) – Aurora


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