Childbirth : 5

Marishka paused, the tip of her boot resting just above the last step as she spotted the woman with Ruth. Her features scrunched a bit at Ruth’s declaration of the girl. “That’s a bit-“ Falling silent she listened to Ruth reiterate only to become even more at a loss.

Glancing back at Violet she turned to the woman. So, they knew one another. This seemed to vaguely confirm her theory of Violet being a teenager who simply hung out at the house and perhaps this was her mother who had come to collect her? When Ruth spoke up again she whipped her head around. How did she know who she was? Wait.


The sudden appearance of the man was the last straw.

“Wait. Wait. Wait.” Waving her hand in the air she crossed the last step to approach the others. “You’re trying to say that you’re the Harmon’s? The ACTUAL Harmon’s who committed suicide and died in labor this house?” She shook her head at the thought. “No. Now I don’t know if this is some sort of prank on neighbors or some ploy to play into the ‘legend’ of the house, but we have been traveling WAY too long for this sort of stuff.” Slinging a duffel bag over her shoulder she gestured to the door. “You all need to leave- if you’ll be so kind.” Fatigue from the day seemed to hit her in a wave though she brushed it off.

“And yes. I’ve found a room.”

With a brief nod at Violet as she passed she made her trek back up the stairs. Of all the things she’d been mentally prepping for- this sort of shenanigans definitely hadn’t been on the list and she simply didn’t have the patience for it right now.
Violet watched her new roommate pass before looking at her parent’s- namely her mother. “Now what?”


There Is A Light That Never Goes Out – The Smiths



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