Consequences : 12

“You got off lucky for someone of your condition.”

Ruth looked at the doctor annoyed at his lecture tone.

“What exactly do you consider to be lucky?”

He pointed to a few different set of of x-rays.

“Your left shoulder needs to be taped, your right wrist needs a cast, your right hip needs to be taped and your right ankle needs a cast because you fractured it…. Other than that you’ll just be sore for awhile.”

Ruth glared at the doctor.

“Merde! Fils de pute!”

The young boy from earlier, who had followed to help get her to the er, raised his hand.

“I’m confused. How is that getting off easy?”

The doctor looked at him confused.

“Why do you think she has that service dog? For her hearing? Your friend has what we affectionately call Brittle Bones or Glass Bones. A fall like that could have broken more bones.”

The boy looked at Ruth concerned, but was stunned to find she was still cursing- just now in a different language.


The doctor sighed.

“A lady shouldn’t be using that language.”

Ruth narrowed her eyes at him.

“Can I just get my casts already.”

The doctor grumbled but left the er to get the nurse. The boy sitting down next to her.

“The doctor didn’t do anything to you- just to remind you.”

She sighed.

“I’ll remind you of the same thing when the situation is reversed and you are getting casts and tapped up.”

The boy stuck his hands up jokingly as a shield.

“Please keep all of that your way.”

Ruth snorted and looked at Milton. He was sleeping in a corner. The boy coughed a moment to get her attention.

“So, do you need help getting home?”

She looked at him like he was crazy.

“I don’t know you. Why would I let you know where I live?”

The boy nodded his head as if he agreed.

“You’re right. For all you know Todd can be a crazy stalker who secretly plans to murder the easily murdable girl.”

Ruth scoffed.

“Easy! Psssh. I’d be the most difficult murder of your career.”

She pointed to Milton.

“I even have a ferocious guard dog.”

Sadly, at the moment Milton decided to make a strange noise in his sleep. The boy cracking up laughing.

“Yea. I don’t know how I’ll ever get past that.”

Ruth sighed at Milton.

“Milton, you are making us look bad.”

The boy patting Ruth’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Sheila already did that for you.”

The two laughing as the doctor came back in with a nurse. He looked surprised to seeing Ruth could smile.

“See, you look so much better with a smile.”

It quickly disappeared. Ruth signing a word that is best not translated.  The two talking as the nurse and the doctor got to work on resetting bone and putting on her two new casts. It was somehow decided that this boy was taking her home….Also, Ruth wondered if Marishka would take in the groceries that had probably been left on the door step. She really wanted comfort food tonight after all of this.


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