Realtors : 2

Ruth had barely stepped out of the taxi when she felt the immense wave of negative energy slapping her in the face with a pile of fear and regret. Even the slight wind in the air seemed to scream leave this place… they were just on the sidewalk. She put her hand down on her service dog, Milton’s head. He was also shivering. The two of them didn’t want to go inside. However, this is what she could afford. Ruth had a year to grind and start her own work.

Her eyes shifting to look at the tour bus stopping in front of them. The combination of lights and intense negative house energy seemed to be putting Milton on edge. The normally quiet dog started barking at the bus and its inhabitants. When she caught sight of Marishka entering the house she knew she had no more excuses. Ruth pulled Milton and her luggage along inside. The feeling of daggers turning into death when the doors of the house opened. She clutched her shepard’s leash so tightly it was a wonder her frail hands had not turned blue immediately. It seemed her free hand that was now clutching the hand of g-d necklace was.

“There’s more than enough rooms. But….” Ruth took a step closer to her more confident appearing friend. “Why don’t we share a room tonight.” Milton seemed to smoosh himself between her and Marishka as if in agreement.

Ruth looking around the house. In her mind she kept repeating what her friend had told her. Ghosts weren’t real. Ghosts weren’t real. Ghosts weren’t. Ghosts. Ruth leaned forward slightly to take a better look around the house. For such a clean looking interior everything about it felt stale for her. Clutching her necklace harder she spoke out to the room.

“Um. I’m sorry for entering your house. whoever you are. but. this is all we can afford. it’s just a year. and. we’re not bad people. so. maybe. how about… if you’re here maybe we can make a deal? Please”

Ruth knew she sounded insane. But the words had mumbled from her lips before she even realized she had said them. A woman in a loose cardigan appearing in front of them shaking her head in disagreement.

“Now they’ll sell this place to children. What is the realtor thinking.”

She turned to the two kids.

“Go home while you have the chance. I don’t want to see more kids die in this place.”


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