Routine : 7

Marishka was already in the bathroom going about her night routine when she heard Ruth’s voice again. Glancing at her in the mirror she smirked, shaking her head a bit as she returned to her tasks.

“It’s just a room. It’s fine.” {And I’ve been in far drearier than this.}

Once finished she slipped into an over-sized t-shirt and shorts before setting her phone alarm. There were no new messages, calls or notifications…a small smile formed. This was exactly what she needed. Well, aside from the random people in the house, but if people pretending to live fantasy were going to be the extent of her harassment…she’d take it.

Reaching into her suitcase she pulled out a pillow case and replaced the old one before climbing under the covers. The bed was surprisingly comfortable. {Check one for picking the room with a comfortable bed.} Her brows perked up slightly when Ruth mentioned Milton.

“Uh- sure. Yeah, okay.” Turning on her side she left plenty of room for them to join and yawned. “Goodnight!”


Marishka’s eyes shot open, her hand reflexively shutting the alarm off with an expert stroke. She pushed herself upright and wiped the sleep from her eyes before locking herself in the bathroom to start the day. One morning routine later she creeped back into the room clad in a towel to fish out some work clothes.

“Hmm…” She decided to go with a cinched, high waisted plaid skirt with a simple contrasting stop and back heels. Slinging a purse on her shoulder she gave Milton a soft pat before going downstairs. After skipping dinner, the night before she was starving. Of course, there was nothing in fridge because they hadn’t planned.

“I’ll have to remember to pick stuff up on the way home.” She murmured. Just then a loud thud reverberated through the first floor catching her attention. “Fucking hell.” Closing the fridge, she marched into the office to find nothing except a single book on the floor. “It’s too early for this crap.” Placing the book on the desk she closed the doors before leaving for work.

“I wonder if she’ll bring back cigarettes.”

“Well she has a decent fashion sense so there’s that.”


Been Smoking Too Long – Nick Drake


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